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Internal Web/SNMP Adaptor
Toshiba UPS Systems

RemotEye® 4 is the newest option for monitoring Toshiba uninterruptible power systems (UPS). The fourth generation UPS monitoring solution boosts speed and memory for history logs, while introducing custom dashboards and universal communications protocols including:

Custom Dashboards & UPS Home Group
With a variety of widgets to choose from, RemotEye® users can customize personal dashboards for monitoring UPS installations. RemotEye also features a New UPS Home Group option to monitor multiple UPS units simultaneously.

Automated Reminders & Mobile Web

Custom reminders can be programmed for preventative UPS maintenance, such as air filter replacement
Mobile-friendly website for status updates on-the-go
Multi-profile logins for UPS networks
Compatible with 1600XP/XPi, 4300, 4400, & G9000 UPS
Compatible with IPv6 and T1000

Added Security

RemotEye® uses SSHv2 secure connection to ensure data transmitted over the network is protected. For added security a firewall prevents unauthorized access to UPS units supported by RemotEye®.

Data transferred between UPS units also is encrypted using HTTPS.

Innovative Features: