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RV Solar Module Kits



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RV Solar Modules
These DC solar photovoltaic module kits are for use on recreational vehicles (RVs), trailers and virtually vehicle that has a flat or nearly flat (curved) horizontal surface suitable for mounting.

table-arrow.gif (695 bytes) Manufacturer
Rated Output
(W, Vmp, Imp)


$ US
PFM-1K Global Solar (1)100W 17.8V 5.6A (1) 81.5 x 21.5 35
PFM-2K Global Solar (2)100W 17.8V 11.2A total (2) 81.5 x 21.5 29
PFM-1E Global Solar (1)100W 17.8V 5.6A (1) 81.5 x 21.5 29

NOTE: /kWH computed based on purchase price and 4.5 sun-hours per day spread over 10 years.  Figures do not include costs of installation.  Credits for state and federal incentives not included.  Performance will vary depending on actual solar insolation.  Formula: /hWH = 6.1 x $price PeakWatts