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Remote Control
for Sine Wave Inverters

Remote control for use with S-1500 sine wave inverter.   Plugs in to 9-pin D-sub connector serial port.  Includes control push button, multicolor indicating LED, slide switch and 10 foot cord.  Made in Taiwan.


+ plug cord in to inverter
+ Set baud rate using S5-S6 DIP switches on inverter to 4800 bps (S5-S6 OFF)
+ turn on inverter
+ move slide switch on remote to ON to enable push button
+ pressing remote button for 1 second will toggle inverter ON/OFF
+ LED will be on continuous when inverter is ON
+ LED will flash when inverter is OFF
+ pressing the remote button for 2 seconds will toggle inverter power saving mode
+ LED will be green when power saving mode is enabled
+ LED will be amber when power saving mode is disabled