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In 2007 this product was pulled from the market due to the loss of the UL Listing.  At that time we were told the product was being redesigned and resubmitted to UL.  Now the factory has informed us there are no plans to do that or to reintroduce this product.

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Uni-Solar Solar PV Roofing Shingles
17W, 9V, 7.2 ft x 5"

Uni-Solar has a unique concept that combines the function of roofing shingles with solar PV.  These flexible thin-film solar cell shingles can be installed in new construction nailed in place using common roofing nails on conventional roof decking over 30-lb felt underlayment.  They can also be placed over existing roofing.  The surface is textured to blend and complement the granular surface of the surrounding conventional shingles.  Two 12" long 18 gauge lead wires exit from the underside of each shingle strip.  The lead wires on the backside of the head-lap pass through the roof deck to allow wiring connections to be made in the roof space or attic.  The sun warms the solar electric shingle providing a bond that forms a weather-resistant covering.  Suitable for roof pitches between 3:12 and 21:12.  UL Listed.


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Rated  Power 17 watts
Operating Voltage 9.0V
Operating Current 1.9A
Open Circuit Voltage 13.0V
Max Open Circuit Voltage (-10C & 1250 W/m2) 14.8V
Short Circuit Current 2.35A
Max Short Circuit Current (75C & 1250 W/m2) 3.1A
Bypass Diodes Provided? (block reverse current) Yes (inside each cell)
Dimensions (L x W x T) 86.4  x 12 x 0.14 inches
5 inches in exposed area
Weight 4.8 lbs.
Warranty 20 years

Note that the higher cost per watt of these shingles as compared with traditional PV modules is offset by several factors including: no supporting structures required, replaces the cost of asphalt shingles, virtually unbreakable.  In addition, this thin-film technology is less affected by high temperature than crystalline solar products resulting in up to 20% more delivered energy.

Installation must be performed in accordance with the National Electrical Code.  Systems with a 2500 watt inverter use up to 152 shingles at 475 volts dc.  Systems with a 3800 watt inverter use up to 220 shingles at 600 volts dc.  When installing these shingles on an attic roof a pair of Panduit  type PD6 raceways is normally mounted under the roof deck in the attic and connections are made from each shingle through a 1/2" nipple.  A combiner box with individual fuses along with a dc disconnect is also mounted in the attic.  Multiple raceways if required are connected together using 1/2" flexible conduit.


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