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We can provide UPS Systems 10kVA and larger in 3-phase models.   One of the most popular and most efficient models available is the American Power Conversion (APC) Silcon series UPS.


APC delivers the new wave of 3-phase power protection

What makes a hot technology “hot”? In the eyes of an enterprise customer, “hot” means a technology that’s convenient and easy to use, and efficient and trouble-free to operate. A “hot” product is manufactured of high quality materials and as a result of its superior design, inherently carries a low cost of ownership. All of these characteristics define APC’s Silcon Series Delta Conversion On-line™ machines. The unique architecture of the APC Silcon Series introduces a new category of power protection: the highly efficient 3-phase UPS. Customers who install APC Silcon Series systems immediately begin to realize benefits in the form of dramatic reductions in energy consumption costs, installation and wiring costs, air conditioning costs, harmonic distortion costs and maintenance costs. More importantly, the APC Silcon Series units excel at their primary function: to supply clean 3-phase power to critical applications, datacenters and facilities regardless of power failures, sags, surges, brownouts, line noise, high voltage spikes, frequency variations and switching transients.


Features and Benefits

Customers can now enjoy the benefits of redundant UPSs by configuring and installing multiple 20kVA units. For example, if kVA requirements are high, up to 9 500kVA UPSs can be paralleled to supply the load with the energy it needs. Up to four units can be configured in parallel mode without requiring the installation of expensive external static switches.

Advanced power management
Silcon’s intelligent control can be programmed to maximize the overall efficiency of parallel Delta Conversion On-line systems. By designating as “active” only the systems needed to supply the load, the other systems can be held in “stand by” mode, ready to start up without interruption when required. Furthermore, to reduce stress and improve reliability, the load can be switched between the parallel systems in preprogrammed sequences.

Lower cost of ownership
The Silcon Series is higher in efficiency that other online technologies. The Delta Conversion On-line units simply do not consume large quantities of energy and also produce much less heat. Customers need not oversize an air conditioning unit to compensate for the heat loss which traditional UPSs generate.

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Lower installation cost
The Silcon Delta Conversion On-line UPS has a power factor corrected input, ensuring that the input power factor is always one, regardless of load and utility voltage. A power factor of one minimizes installation costs by requiring smaller cables and smaller fuses.

Eliminates wear and tear on electrical infrastructure
Utilities and power distributors are creating standards to limit the harmonic distortion produced by users. Violating these standards can be very costly. Many double conversion 3-phase systems produce a level of harmonic distortion high enough to negatively impact the utility and its customers. To remedy the situation, customer are obliged to install large expensive filters. These filters further diminish the overall efficiency of the double conversion machine. The Silcon Delta Conversion On-line technology, which maintains a sinusoidal utility current, eliminates this 3-phase double conversion topology problem.

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Compliant with power supplies, for the present and the future (kVA = kW)
Over the past three years, more and more computer manufacturers have built Power Factor Corrected (PFC) power supplies into their servers. In order to avoid unnecessary wear and tear on computer components, the Volt-Amps (VA) requirements of all the computers that make up the load need to equal the Watts (W) capacity of the UPS. The Silcon Series units are PFC compliant. Without derating the unit, double conversion 3-phase UPS systems are not PFC compliant. Therefore, as more and more PFC computers enter into your datacenter, the probability becomes greater that the legacy double conversion 3-phase UPSs becomes overloaded. With Silcon Series units, this problem is eliminated because the kVA rating of the Silcon Series unit equals the kW rating.


Many sizes and run-times to choose from

Select from the following lists of standard ratings.  And multiple units can be paralleled for even greater flexibility.

Output power 208V 480V
10kW/10kVA yes yes
15kW/15kVA yes yes
20kW/20kVA yes yes
30kW/30kVA yes yes
40kW/40kVA yes yes
60kW/60kVA yes yes
80kW/80kVA yes yes
120kW/120kVA   yes
160kW/160kVA   yes
240kW/240kVA   yes
320kW/320kVA   yes
400kW/400kVA   yes
500kW/500kVA   yes


Power Accessories

External Battery Solutions
External Battery Solutions are available when runtimes of 15 minutes or greater are required. Part numbers are assigned to the runtime which you need thereby eliminating any lengthy calculations.

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External Service By-pass
Panel The External Service By-pass Panel allows for the performance of proactive maintenance on the UPS without dropping the load. This prevents unwanted interruptions and maintenance technicians avoid the risk of electric shock.


Management Accessories

PowerChute Network Shutdown
PowerChute Network Shutdown allows for safe shutdown of servers, notification of end-users, running command files and logging of events. This shutdown software is available for a variety of operating systems including Windows NT, NetWare, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, and others.

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Web/SNMP Management Card
The Silcon Web/SNMP Card allows monitoring of the Silcon Delta Conversion On-Line UPS from any Web browser. The Silcon Delta Conversion On-Line UPS can also be monitored via Telnet, SNMP (NMS Management Scheme), and the Web.

The MasterSwitch network power controller can easily reboot remote servers, internetworking equipment, or banks of modems to prevent on-site service calls. MasterSwitch allows remote control of up to eight (8) independent power channels.

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Out-of-band Management Card
The Out-of-band Management Card provides remote access to detailed UPS information, gives you remote paging upon power events, and remote safe reboot of attached equipment via user-supplied modem. Users have the ability to communicate with the UPS even during power outages or when the server is down. The out-of-band management card allows remote power management via serial or modem link.

Environmental Monitoring Card
The Environmental Monitoring Card will remotely monitor temperature, humidity, and other envi-ronmental conditions via PowerChute plus software, Out-of-band management card, Web/SNMP Management Card, or SNMP Agents.

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APC Power Quality Engineers, Power Specialists, High Power Partners, and Professional Services personnel guarantee complete satisfaction with any APC service. When it comes to power management, you deserve the Legendary Reliability ™ and peace of mind that only APC Global Services can provide.

Options include: Start-up Service, Essential Power Reliability Package, Premium Power Reliability Package, Enterprise Power reliability Package, Annual Maintenance Program and Remote Monitoring Service.  See the downloadable Silcon brochure below for details.


For more complete specs and descriptions click here for a 12 page pdf file.  (Left-click to view or right-click to save file.)

Due to the wide variety of options and features Silcon UPS systems are custom quoted to fit your specific requirements.  To request a quote go to our Large UPS Quote Request Form.



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