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Safety Installation Kit
for 500 thru 1500 watt Inverters

Use this kit to permanently install an inverter in a vehicle.  Route the cables from your battery to the inverter location which can be up to ten feet away.   Install the fuse near your battery to protect the dc cables.  If the insulation on your dc cables wears through over time or is cut or becomes cracked these fuses will open on short circuit.  Protects against sparks and fire by electrically isolating the failed cables from the battery.  This kit consists of:

* Deluxe clearview fuse holder
* Fuse holder cover
* 13 ft of #2 awg SAE red cable for positive connections
* 10 ft of #2 awg SAE black cable for negative connections
* 10 ft of #8 awg black cable for ground
* Anti-corrosion wire connectors
* Exclusive extra-grip connectors for screw-type connections to avoid
   terminal overheating (#1 source of power inverter problems)
* 150 amp fuse for smaller inverters
* 200 amp fuse for larger inverters
* Grommets to protect cable insulation where it passes through walls

Click here for installation instructions.