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UniStar C UPS System
1000-3000VA, 120Vac
rack/tower mounting model


The UniStar C represents the latest in single-phase technology at an affordable price. Its true on-line performance continually provides a constant clean, steady sine wave safeguarding the most sensitive equipment.

The UniStar C provides reliable protection against:

The UniStar C features a field-proven Digital Signal Processor (DSP) achieving high reliability, while providing protection from electrical power disturbances to the connected load. The convertible tower/rack design offers maximum flexibility, enabling UPS integration into a wide variety of environments.

Industry-leading functionality is “standard” and includes hot swappable battery, powerful internal charger, emergency shut-down and programmable receptacles. The UniStar C is an ideal power protection solution for servers, networks, telecommunications, industrial equipment and manufacturing processes.
Market Applications


UPS Systems
Prices last updated 7/6/2013
Shipping weights start at 35 lbs.
These items normally ship in approximately 1 week or less.




Mounting Price
$ US
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UPS - UniStar C series, 7 min internal battery backup at FL, 60-144V input, 50/60Hz

1000/800 120V pure sine tower $593


UPS - UniStar C series, 7 min internal battery backup at FL, 60-144V input, 50/60Hz

2000/1600 120V pure sine tower $1,002


UPS - UniStar C series, 5 min internal battery backup at FL, 60-144V input, 50/60Hz

3000/2400 120V pure sine tower $1,240



UPS Accessories



Works With Price
$ US
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Extended Runtime Battery Pack - 4 max

UniStar C 1000VA UPS system $611


Extended Runtime Battery Pack - 4 max

UniStar C 2000VA & 3000VA UPS systems $681


Rail Kit - fits UPS and Battery Pack

UniStar C UPS systems $89


Internal SNMP Kit - card, MIB software, cable, manual

UniStar III, C, P UPS systems $239


USB Interface Card

UniStar III and C UPS systems $72


DB9 (AS/400) Dry Contact Card - internal opto-coupler

UniStar III UPS systems $89


Internal Relay Contact Card - true relay 10 pin

UniStar III and C UPS systems $92


UPSilon for SCO Unix, SCO Xenix, SCO UnixWare, DEC OSF/1, DEC ULTRIX, IBM AIX, HP-UX, SGI IRIX, Sun OS, Sun Solris, Linux, Free BSD, Fujitsu DC/90 ICL, Motorola AIX, Motorola SVR4 etc.

UniStar III and C UPS systems $223


Battery Runtimes
(minutes estimated)

VA Rating Standard Internal
Battery Only
25%/50%/75%/100% load
with External Battery Packs
25%/50%/75%/100% load
Quantity 0 Quantity 1 Quantity 2 Quantity 3 Quantity 4
1000 50/20/10/7 380/160/95/66 740/320/195/130 1150/505/310/215 1575/695/430/300
2000 45/18/10/7 195/80/45/33 320/155/95/66 550/240/145/100 745/325/195/135
3000 40/15/8/5 163/65/40/25 305/130/75/53 460/195/120/80 650/280/170/120

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