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Here are the actual steps to take to enter an online order.  Don't worry about submitting an order by mistake since no order is actually generated until you enter all shipping and billing information and press the submit button.

  1. Go to our online product catalog page and click on the item numbers in the left column to see detailed descriptions OR go to our "Backup Configurations" page and click on the item numbers in the tables.
  2. At the bottom of each detailed description page there is a button labeled "Add to Cart."  If you want to order the item, press this button.
  3. You will be transferred to another page and see the item added in your shopping cart.
  4. Click the "Continue Shopping" button and the "Up" link to return to the online product catalog or configuration page to look at other items.
  5. When you have added all the desired items to your shopping cart, click the button labeled "View Cart" at the top of any page.
  6. While in this shopping cart screen you may adjust quantities and even delete items as desired.  Press the "Update" button to record any changes.
  7. Then press the "Checkout Now" button and the next screen will allow you to select a shipping method and enter address information.  If you are entering an APO or FPO address, read this section of our Terms & Conditions.
  8. Now press the "Continue with Purchase" button and enter your credit card information and any comments or special instructions.
  9. Be sure to hit the "Submit Order" button when you are done or the order will NOT be sent.
  10. A receipt with order number will appear confirming successful transmission.   Copy or print this number for future reference.

These instructions look long but online ordering is really simple.  To begin shopping, click here to go directly to our online product catalog.