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275W 120VAC Solar PV Module

SunSine AC solar module, 275 Watt (AC STC), 120V, 60Hz output for grid tied connection, UL listed with Class A fire rating, 325W PV module with built in DC-AC inverter, heavy aluminum frame, double glass construction, 20 year PV power and 5 year Inverter warranty.

To predict how much electricity this system will generate in your area (with the corresponding reduction in your utility bill usage) go to the bottom of our Array Sizing Worksheet.

AC Photovoltaic Modules are the ideal approach to building an incremental PV utility intertie system. The advantages of this modular approach for a utility interconnect are the low minimum system size, the ease of system expansion, and the cost savings in installation and design. The effect of shading or mis-orientation of individual modules on overall array power output performance is minimized because each module operates independently. The modular inverters automatically sense the presence of the utility grid and are able supply power to it with very little sunlight because of their maximum power point tracking ability. Utility required islanding protection is automatic. Using AC modules reduces system design to a simple matter of choosing how many AC modules to utilize. It is no longer necessary to configure a PV array to match the voltage, current and power requirements of a conventional central power conditioner. By maximum power tracking each module independently, mismatch losses between modules of an array are eliminated. Expensive and hard to find DC-rated switches, fuses, and power-robbing blocking diodes are eliminated.

The SunSine 325 is a large area AC module with an output of 275 Watts (STC) of 120V, 60Hz AC power designed for a direct utility intertie system. It is equipped with quick-connectors for fast, flawless field wiring and is compatible with Ascension Technology’s RoofJack™ mounting systems. Development of the SunSine was supported by the U.S. Department of Energy and over twenty electric power companies across the nation who helped test this product for grid-tied PV power applications. Designed to be NEC-compliant, the SunSine was the world’s first Underwriters Laboratories Listed AC module. The SunSine has maximum power point tracking, morning start-up and evening shut-down, over/under voltage and over/under frequency protection and both active and passive islanding protection.



•Voltage Configuration: 120 VAC, 60 Hz for direct utility tie application
•325 W AC Maximum Rated Module Power (under high-irradiance or low-temperature conditions)
•275 W AC Power Output (at STC)
•Dimensions (inches): 74.5 L x 50.5 W x 2.5 D
•Weight (pounds): 122
•Warranty: PV - 20 Year limited warranty, Inverter - 5 Years

Certifications and Qualifications (subject to change)

•UL1703 Listed (PV)
•UL 1741 Listed (Static Inverters and Charge Controllers For Use In Photovoltaic Systems)
•UL Class A fire rating - Permits module mounting on any roof without compromising the roof's fire rating.
•National Electrical Code compliant.
•Protective features meet IEEE 929-1988.
• IEEE C62.41-1991 and C62.45-1992 Surge Withstand
•Complies with FCC Rules, part 15, limits for class B digital device. Will not interfere with home communication devices.
•IEC 503 (PV)

PV Module Construction (subject to change)

•Solar Cells: -- 216 crystalline silicon cells, each 100 mm sq.
•Encapsulant: -- proprietary, advanced, long-life encapsulant (not EVA)
•Front Glass: -- tempered, 3.2 mm (1/8") thick, low iron
•Backskin: -- tempered, 3.2 mm (1/8") thick
•Frame: -- clear anodized aluminum alloy

Benefits of the SunSine AC Module

•Each inverter works independently
•High modularity allows easy system expansion, start with one module and easily add more to the system as money and time allow
•Low minimum system size, one AC PV module is all that is needed
•Use of standard AC installation methods and components
•Reduced losses in wiring, AC experiences significantly less loss than DC during transmission
•Maximizes system performance since each PV module operates at its peak power point (peak power point tracking)
•No need for power robbing string or bypass diodes
•Less potential for lightning damage because of NO DC system wiring, and transformer isolation between AC output and internal DC connection to the PV.
•Weather proof construction protects electronics
•Eliminates expensive and hard-to-find dc-rated switches, fuses and other components.
•Sets New Safety Standards for Grid-Tied Systems
•SunSine AC modules are inherently safe. They produce no output until correctly connected to the grid.
•Most Reliable AC Module in service today!! Passes IEEE C62.41-1991. C62.45-1992 Surge Withstand testing without hardware failure or loss of protection functions.
•60 Hertz Transformer Isolation provides the best protection from ground faults and surge currents from module to module or module to utility voltage.
•Reduced electrical bills
•Increases Flexibility for Grid-Tied PV Systems
•The SunSine reduces system design to a simple matter of choosing how many AC modules to utilize. It is no longer necessary to configure a PV array to match the voltage, current and power input requirements of a conventional central power conditioner.
•Systems can be configured for 120/240 Vac single-phase or 120/208 Vac three-phase installations.
•Simplifies and Speeds Installation and Maintenance
•Equipped with quick connectors for fast, flawless field wiring.
•Compatible with RoofJack™ mounting systems.
•Includes pre-assembled mounting pins for RoofJack™ mounting hardware.
•SunSine AC modules are fully integrated and require no DC field wiring.
•LED indicator shows power output and verifies proper operation.


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