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2500 watts


SMA of Germany has just introduced this new UL approved, stainless steel, 2500 watt grid-tie inverter utilizing Maximum Power Point Tracking.  In use in Germany for many years, these inverters can be combined to produce huge systems.  Peak efficiency is over 93%.  Input voltage range 250-600VDC, maximum PV array 3450 watts peak, maximum input current 11ADC, temperature range -25C to +60C.  Includes GF protection.   Weight 68 lbs, dimensions 17" x 12" x 9".

For complete specs see the SMA Sunny Boy pdf file.  Left click to view, right click to save on your hard drive.

A DC disconnect between PV array and inverter is required by code and must be ordered separately or purchased locally.  (We can provide a 600V 30 amp disconnect #53-534-237 for $136.00.)

Also available as model with meter at additional cost.