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Isolation Transformer
1500VA, 120/240-120/240Vac

This four-winding isolation transformer allows you to connect low-cost inverters to residential wiring systems that have neutral-to-ground bonds.  These bonds would otherwise cause the inverter to fail or the GFI protection to cause the inverter to shutdown.  Also can be used as a step-up transformer to provide 120/240Vac from a 120Vac inverter or generator.

To prevent risk of back feed into the utility supply you must use a transfer switch when connecting to a residential wiring system.  See Configuration A2 as an example.

Transformer features...
   * 120/240Vac primary and 120/240Vac secondary windings
   * 60Hz operation
   * sizes up to 25kVA
   * encapsulated windings keep out moisture, extends life
   * indoor or outdoor mounting
   * shielded for cleaner power
   * 180C insulation system, designed for 115C rise at full load
   * dual size knockouts on both sides and bottom of wiring compartment
   * CSA Certified and UL Listed
   * Made in USA.



Capacity 1500VA
Voltage Rating, pri-sec 120/240-120/240Vac
Frequency 60Hz
Dimensions, H x W x D 11.6" x 5.5" x 5.2"
Weight 30 lbs