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Utility Power Restored Alert


Reliance Controls Corporation PowerBACK! utility power return alert. The PowerBACK! Is intended to be installed on any manual transfer panel or generator-ready load center. In a power outage, when the main breaker has been turned off to allow the standby generator to provide emergency power to the panel, the PowerBACK! can be activated and will emit a pulsing 100dB alarm when the power outage ends. The panel may then be returned to utility power.  This device is perfect for situations where there is no easy way to detect that utility power is restored, such as when your main breaker is turned off when on generator power.

The PowerBACK! Installs in a " trade size knockout in the panel within 20 inches of one of the utility hot legs. The PowerBACK! Has a flexible eight-inch current sensor at the end of a 22-inch jacketed lead. When wrapped around one of the hot legs to the main circuit breaker, the sensor will detect the returning utility current and activate the sonic alert.

This product does not make a direct electrical connection to the service conductors and therefore no overcurrent protection is required.  (Other types of alarm circuits directly connected to the line side of the main breaker consisting of indicator lights or relays WOULD require overcurrent protection.  The PowerBACK! eliminates these complexities.  Control power is provided by a standard 9V battery.