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Manual Transfer Panel

For installations that require more capacity for heavier loads of 25 amps or more, such as electric water heaters, electric ranges, well pumps, motors, commercial refrigeration, heat pumps and central air conditioning.  Suitable for use with larger generators.  This panel may be sub-fed from the existing building panel, or may be used as service entrance equipment.  Supplied with a double pole utility breaker and a double pole generator breaker that are interlocked to prevent both from being closed at the same time.  This eliminates the danger of backfeeding to the utility, endangering utility repair crews.  It also prevents utility power from feeding into your generator and causing damage.  Allows manual transfer of individual loads to prevent overloading generator.  The installer selects the the proper size branch breakers to add to this panel.  Power inlet receptacle and generator meters all provided in panel.

Standard features include NEMA 1 indoor cabinet suitable for surface or flush mounting, split neutral feature which places a neutral next to each circuit breaker, heavy duty copper bus bars and adjustable trim.  Service entrance rated which allows this to be connected directly to your power company meter.  Accommodates up to twelve 1 inch branch circuit breakers or as many as 20 combination 1/2 inch and 1 inch circuit breakers.   This panel is UL Listed for use with any of the following circuit breakers:


Provided with preinstalled generator breaker, main utility breaker, two meters for generator watts, and male twist lock power inlet receptacle (where indicated).  See Installation Guide.  As an option this panel can be populated with branch breakers and wired through a flex conduit by the factory at a slightly higher price.  Specify using dropdown menu below when ordering.  Made in USA  


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Dimensions H x W x D (inches): 21-1/8 x 15-1/2 x 4


Specs and Ordering Table
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Model No. Utility Branch Breaker Required in Load Center (by installer) Max. Generator Input (Amps)
Male Inlet Installed
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Works with:

Inlet Boxes
$ US

without branch breakers

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TRC0603A 60A 30A
L1430P PC3010M, PC3020M, PC3025M or PC3040M
inlet box not required


TRC0603C 60A 30A
none PC3010M, PC3020M, PC3025M or PC3040M
PB30, PBN30 or PR30


TRC1003C 100A 30A


TRC1005A 100A 50A
CS6365 PC5010, PC5020, PC5025, PC5040 or PC5050
inlet box not required


TRC1005C 100A 50A
none PC5010, PC5020, PC5025, PC5040 or PC5050
PB50, PB50N or PR50


1.  A branch breaker provided by the installer must be installed in the upstream load center to feed this sub-panel.
2.  Additional models including outdoor versions available upon request.


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