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Tune-up Parts
for RV/Mobile Gensets

Common frequently used parts for performing your own engine tune-up.  Some of these parts for the older generators may have limited availability or could even be sold out.


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122-0645 Oil Filter BGE, BGEL, BGM, NHEL
122-0800 Oil Filter NHE, NHEL, NHM
122-0833 Oil Filter HDKA, HDKAK, HDKAH
122-0836 Oil Filter HGJAA, HGJAB, HGJAC
122-0893 Oil Filter HDKCA, HDKCB
140-2105 Air Filter KV, KVC, KVD
140-2379 Air Filter BGE, BGEL, BGM, NHE, NHEL, NHM
140-2609 Air Filter KY
140-2897 Air Filter HDKAJ, HDKAK, HDKAH
140-3071 Air Filter HDCAA, HDCAB, HDKCA, HDKCB
140-3116 Air Filter HGJAA, HGJAB, HGJAC
140-3280 Air Filter KY, KYD
140-3351 Air Filter HDKBA
147-0860 Fuel Filter HGJAA
148-0898 Fuel Filter BGEL, NHEL, NHM
149-1353 Fuel Filter BGE, NHE
149-2137 Fuel Filter KV, KVC, KVD
149-2279 Fuel Filter NHE,NHEL, BGE, BGM, NHM
149-2333 Fuel Filter BGE, NHE
149-2341 Fuel Filter BGM, NHM
149-2341-01 Fuel Filter HGJAB, HGJAC
149-2457 Fuel Filter KY, KYD
149-2629 Fuel Filter HGJAB, HGJAC superseded by 149-2341-01
149-2648 Fuel Filter HGJAA, HGJAB, HGJAC
160-1378 Tune-up Kit BGE, BGEL, NHE, NHEL obsolete, no longer available
160-1349-01 Tune-up Kit NHE, NHEL obsolete, no longer available
167-0263-01 Spark Plug KV, KVC, KVD obsolete, no longer available
167-0272 Spark Plug BGE, BGM, NHE, NHEL, NHM
167-0275 Spark Plug KY, KYD (60Hz)
167-0305 Spark Plug KY, KYD (50Hz)
167-1602 Spark Plug Wire 26" BGE, BGEL, NHE, NHEL, NHM
167-1615-01 Spark Plug Wire 9" BGE, BGEL, NHE, NHEL
167-1625-01 Spark Plug Wire 9" BGM obsolete, no longer available
167-1625-02 Spark Plug Wire 23" BGM obsolete, no longer available
167-1638 Spark Plug HGJAA, HGJAB, HGJAC
185-5421 Glow Plug HDKAJ, HDKAK, HDKAH
185-5990 Glow Plug HDKCA, HDKCB
185-7444 Oil Filter HDKBA
187-1000 Oil Filter HDCAA, HDCAB
187-1289 Glow Plug HDCAA, HDCAB
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