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UT1-BC-0125  UT1-BR-0125
UT1-BC-0320  UT1-BR-0320

External Battery Cabinets
Toshiba Series 1000 Online UPS System

Up to two matching battery cabinets can be connected to Toshiba 1000 series UPS systems.  These are used to extend the battery run time during loss of utility power.

Battery cabinet includes DC breaker, charger and connecting cable with Anderson style connector that plugs into back of UPS.  Available in tower mount (UT1-BC...) and rack mount (UT1-BR...).

Tower Mount Model Full Load kVA UPS Run Time with 1 Battery Cabinet UPS Run Time with 2 Battery Cabinets Rack Mount Model
UT1-BC-0125 1.0 30 minutes 60 minutes UT1-BR-0125
UT1-BC-0125 1.5 25 minutes 50 minutes UT1-BR-0125
UT1-BC-0320 2.0 25 minutes 50 minutes UT1-BC-0320
UT1-BC-0320 3.0 20 minutes 40 minutes UT1-BR-0320


Tower Mount Rack Mount