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10KW Power Take-Off Generator
Winco Compact Design

Compact PTO Generators are designed as a standby electrical power supply for farm applications or any site that has an engine with a power take-off.  They can utilize a 12 to 40 hp power take-off from tractors, bulldozers, or trucks as the prime mover.  Units are equipped with a single-stage gear box ratio design that operates generator at 3600 rpm for longer life, quieter operation, and smoother running.  Read more about the uniqueness of Winco brand of PTO generators here.

* Brushless rotating field two pole alternator with 100% copper windings
10kW continuous rating
* The low harmonic content is safe for sensitive loads such as computer,
   tv, electronics, yet powerful enough to run motor loads such as your well pump or
   air conditioner
Class H Insulation
* Maintenance free bearings
* Large 3" Voltmeter viewable from tractor seat assists in setting tractor speed and monitors output.
* Capacitor Voltage regulation.

* Rugged cast iron helical gear case for quiet operation
* Standard 1-3/8" six-spline 515 rpm input stub
60A NEMA 14-60P full power plug included
* Mainline circuit breaker

Compact design for easy storage
* Safety shield for pto connection
Heavy duty steel mounting base
Rodent screen protection
* Ground lug

Accessories (order separately)
* 1-3/8" six spline pto shaft
* Two-wheel transport offers heavy 5/16" gauge hitch that can handle the rigors of
   generator operation.  Heavy 10 gauge deck allows room for accessories or tool box.
* Three point hitch offers heavy duty 10 gauge steel construction.



Rated AC Power 10 kW
AC Current at 240 V 42 amps at 1.0 pf
Rated Voltage 120/240 V, 1 phase
Main Line Circuit Breaker yes
Receptacles at 120V (qty) (2) NEMA 5-20R
Receptacles at 240V (qty) (1) NEMA 14-60R
plug included for this receptacle
PTO Input Speed 515 rpm
Minimum Tractor PTO shaft hp Required for Rated Output 20 hp*
Motor Starting Capability 5 hp (code G)
Manufacturer's Warranty 1 year

* A lower PTO shaft hp rating is acceptable but electrical output will be proportionally less.

   Concerning use in Canada, this product is built from CSA certified components (with the exception of the
   alternator end) but is not CSA certified as a complete assembly.  Therfore, it cannot be used on construction
   sites in Canada.  But it is normally acceptable for residential and farm use.


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Item Number: W10PTOS
Price: $2,040
Price last updated 1/3/2023
Shipping Weight: 175 lbs.
This item ships with free ground freight to the USA 48 states.
This item normally ships in approximately 12-16 weeks or less.


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