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Solar PV Module
130W ac grid-tied
for fence mounting


Finally an alternative to roof-mounted solar PV systems!  Do you like the idea of electricity from the sun but don't want solar pv modules on your roof or on racks in your yard?  Or maybe your roof just does not face the right direction.  Fence mounted pv modules could be an option for you.





Preliminary Specs
STC = standard test conditions of 1000W/m2 and 25C cell temperature

PV Module Type amorphous silicon
Rated Power at STC (dc) 136-144 Watts
Estimated Output Power at STC (ac) 130 Watts
Nominal Output Voltage (ac) 240V single phase 60Hz
PV Module Dimensions (mounted) 222" x 16" (extends less than 18" from fence posts)
Weight (PV module, inverter, mounting) 100 lbs.


We expect this product to be available summer 2010.  Send us an email message if you have questions or wish to be notified of availability updates.