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This page lists highlights of the changes that have recently been made to this web site.  If you are back for a return visit, look below for what's new that may interest you.  Click the underlined links to go directly to page.

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   + Added NPZ022 POWERmeter 7 digital meter kit
   + Added
STABILINE series Voltage regulators - works for whole- house service!
   + Added new Pro/Tran 2 manual transfer switches
   + Added trailer kits for selected diesel generators
   + Added new Ronk manual transfer switches with integral fused service disconnect
   + Added new Cummins QuietConnect series standby generators

   + PowerBACK! monitor is now available again
- ships late April 2013
   + Added Kubota mobile & standby gensets
   + Added high capacity junction boxes
- for large generators
   + Enhanced cable voltage drop calculator , added mini system voltage calculator
   + Powermate Kearney NE factory reopens under Pramac ownership.
   + Ampair Wind and Water generators -
for land and marine use from the UK 
   + Added Tri-Fueled portable generators
- reduce chance of running out of fuel during an outage
   + Installation Video for Pro/Tran switch
- see how easy the installation is
   + Added isolation transformers
- allows low-cost inverters to be connected to grounded systems
   + Added Cable Voltage Drop Calculator
- simple to use JavaScript

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