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What's New 1999

For the record here is the detailed list of changes made to this web site, with the most recent at the top.

December 26, 1999
Added holiday greeting to home page.  Added propane explosion news item.

December 6, 1999
Made corrections to Mail/Fax order form.  Added duplex receptacle images to MOD6-20P.

December 4-5, 1999
Reduced prices of 200 amp switch 5W911 and GVB7000.  The latter expires 12/31/99.  Increased prices of LPG conversion kits but also described credit for regulator deletion.  Added items L1420 and RJB12405 for drop cord configuration B8.   Added Instruction Manual for PTO generators 3W954 and 3W955 and linked to catalog items.  Added item numbers and View Shopping Cart buttons to B & C configuration pages for easier ordering.  Added instructions for ordering by FAX.  Updated news clip.

November 28, 1999
Added Configuration B8 showing drop cord.  Added PKG003.  Changed availability of PowerStay system to after March 2000.

November 21, 1999
Added Gen/Tran replacement & spare parts to catalog: breakers and handle tie.  Added NEMA 6-50P plug to catalog and images for 5-20P and 6-20P.  Added #2 AWG welding cable to catalog for PTO generators.

November 20, 1999
Added NEW PowerStay automatic transfer switch soon to be available.  Added image for LPG01 and slightly revised the descriptions for both LPG01 and LPG02 concerning general instructions, gas man installation and manual cutoff valve.  Added "No waiting in long checkout lines!" to Why Buy Here page.  Added UPS ground service transit time image to Links page.  Added statement to Gen/Tran switches, "Suitable only for circuits protected with up to 20 amp breakers or fuses."   Added reference to alternator label in MOD6-20P description.  Replaced image for GBV7000 with color image.  Added color imagess for 3W083 and 3W954.   Corrected descriptions for Dayton automatic transfer switches to indicate that electronic controls are in generator control panel and not in switch.  For standby generators added, "Dayton one year limited warranty.  Inspection of installation by factory rep prior to initial startup may be required to maintain warranty."

October 30, 1999
Replaced 30408 series switches with 30508 and adjusted pricing, images and descriptions.  Added Roadway Express to links page.  Updated availability of CHD generators.  Added one more quote from a satisfied customer to Why Buy Here page.  Show credit card exp. date as MM/YY rather than 00/00 on checkout screen.  Reduced price of PKG02.

October 23, 1999
Added sample installation and operating instructions for LPG01 and LPG02 fuel conversion kits.  Split Frequently Asked page into 3 sub-pages to speedup load time.   Added three more quotes from satisfied customers to Why Buy Here page.  Added more Frequently Asked questions and answers for generators and transfer switches.   Changed background to make small text more readable.

October 17, 1999
Deleted NOTICE about server being down.  Updated news clips.

October 16, 1999
Added images for LPG01 and LPG02 and described NFPA requirements for outdoor vs. indoor use.  Added Configuration B7.  Added NOTICE on home page that secure server used for processing orders was temporarily down.

October 11, 1999
Added note directing to catalog buttons on Home page.  Added configuration images for 50 amp plug and connector.  Added photos for 50 amp female connector and #6 ga cordsets.  Added receptacle info for first two PTO generators.

October 6, 1999
Changed description of LPG01 to add "up to 11hp."  Added LPG02 for "over 11hp."  Adjusted prices.  Added link from DeVilbiss alternator descriptions to new Clean Power page.  Added freight zones for GBV7000.  Added GenTraco Transpanel Installation Guide and linked to TRC model descriptions.  Changed shipping lead time for TRC--A to 7-10 business days.

September 28, 1999
Corrected mission statement concerning PTO and standby generators.  Added generator Frequently Asked #7 through #12 including hazards of operating generators inside dwellings (also on safety page).  Added cordset modification MOD6-20P for generators with straight blade 20A receptacles.  Listed warrantys for 4W315.

September 25-26, 1999
Added gasoline to LPG/nat. gas conversion kit LPG01 for portable generators.   Added diesel generator 4W315.  Revised LPG conversion kit FAQ.

September 24, 1999
Reduced prices on most Gen/Tran switches and panels.  Added panel items TRC0603C, TRC1005C.  Added 50A inlet box, cordsets and plug L6365, RJB06410, RJB06425, RJBP6365.  Adjusted some shipping lead times.  Relabeled 30408 and 302110 to add -15 suffix to denote 15A two pole breakers.

September 18, 1999
Added missing purchase buttons to items 302110-20 and 30408-20.  Fixed link to full size image for Configuration C.  Updated news clip on home page (hurricane Floyd).

September 14, 1999
Added remote pushbutton for large inverters to catalog.  Qualified the higher cost statements on the generator shortage page to apply only to DeVilbiss units.

September 8, 1999
Added M.S.R.P. to inverters and note about smaller full sine wave inverters.   Added PTO generators to meta tags.  Expanded Frequently Asked Questions page.

September 7, 1999
Added purchase buttons for larger items weighing over 150 lbs and reduced some pricing.  Added zone maps for these items  Added freight details to shipping section of terms and conditions.

September 6, 1999
Added images for TS-2500 and GA100.  Expanded description for GA100 to include list of required tools.  Added third customer quote.

August 28-29, 1999
Moved shipping stats from Home page to Why Buy Here page.  Added quotes from satisfied customers at bottom of Why Buy Here page.  Added note to generator section of catalog about Onan and Honda models and diesel fueled models.  Added PTO and automatic standby generators to catalog and also automatic transfer switches.  Order buttons and some pricing yet to be added later after shipping is arranged.  Added links to Briggs & Stratton, Tecumseh and Kohler.  Reformatted Home page using table and new product image.

August 22, 1999
Changed shipping history from table to gif.  Changed availability and production schedule for Winpower type CDH generators.

August 18, 1999
Added two-letter state codes on checkout form dropdown menu plus Instruction 4 for APO and FPO addresses.

August 14-15, 1999
Added Chicago news clip.  On Why Buy Here page added we often respond to email and acknowledge orders evenings and weekends.  Added hyperlinks to NoOutage configurations from main catalog page.

August 7-8, 1999
Deleted note about availability of TS-2500 since it is now in stock and added recommended dc wire size.  Added wire transfer as payment alternative on Terms & Conditions page.  Added shipping destinations outside continental US on Terms & Conditions page, including APO and FPO addresses.  Added links to this information from ordering instruction pages.  Added On-Time Shipping History to home page and referred to it on the Why Buy Here page.  Added generators and wheel kit to catalog.   Added Winpower and disaster resources to Links page.

July 31-August 1, 1999
Added WINPOWER HOV5000 to catalog with wheel kit and cover.  Also added instruction book, warranty, and links.

July 24, 1999
Corrected shipping charges for GBV7000.  Replaced news clip.  Added statement about expanded generator line in early August.  Reference DeVilbiss warranty in Terms & Conditions.  Added July update to generator shortage page.

July 18, 1999
Changed double quotes (") in shopping card descriptions for 830603 and 59055 to text (in.) due to quote causing truncation.

July 17, 1999
Added RJBC6364 connector for TRC1005A to catalog.  Listed switch and panel numbers under "Works With" for connectors.  Improved 59055 anchor shipping time to 2 days.  Adjusted pricing of inverters: TS-500 increased, TS-1000 & TS-1500 reduced.  Made bill phone and bill email required fields on checkout screen, revised note 2 and relabeled notes as instructions.

July 11, 1999
Added July 6 heat wave news report to home page.  Increased weight of GB5000 and PKG002 by 7 lbs.  Added approximate ground shipping charges to all item descriptions except for small component pieces.

July 5-6, 1999
Changed shipping lead time for Generator PKG002 from 10 days to 5 days and specified a 5 or 7 day lead time for other DeVilbiss generators.  Added intermediate page to Gen/Tran Instructions.  Added DeVilbiss instruction book and links to it from catalog items.  Also added DeVilbiss warranty links, spark arresting muffler note and country of origin.  Added links to catalog sections from images on home page.

June 26-27, 1999
Added Gen/Tran instruction book and links to it from catalog items.  Spelling and grammatical corrections on generator shortage page.  Added portable power applications (car, truck, RV, and boat) to mission statement.

June 25, 1999
Corrected inverter pricing conflict in table.  Expanded special cordset note.

June 19, 1999
Deleted references to future availability of inverters since all now in stock (except for TS-2500).  Began including required ground wire with all inverters except the TS-2500 and adjusted prices slightly.  Also replaced inverter photos.  Added copy of TS-1500 inverter instruction book.  Added shippers to links page.  Added link on home page to Test Reports and added freezer test report.

June 12, 1999
Moved Catalog button to top menu bar.  Added 20 amp straight blade plugs to catalog for making cord sets for generators without twist lock receptacles.  Improved availability of wheel kit and added dimensions.  Added substitutions for GB5000 generator.  Added other application ideas to inverter descriptions (camping, RV, boating). 

June 4-6, 1999
Added Links page.  Added link to Maine article in Personal Stories page.   Added FAQs.  Expanded advantages and disadvantages for configuration A1 and added configuration A2.

May 29, 1999
Discontinued 10% off sale.  Added Cherokee inverters to catalog along with warranty information.  Added two NoOutage Packages combining transfer switches, cables and an inverter or generator.  Expanded Safety page to address batteries.

May 16-17, 1999
Added cordset note for 4kW and 5kW generators.  Added made in USA to Gen-Tran switches.  Added brand names to mission statement.  Adjusted hit counter.

May 15, 1999
Corrected spelling on Generator Shortage page.  Added text of manufacturer's warranties for Gen-Tran, Gen-Cord (Carol).  Added Gen-Tran cordsets, DeVilbiss wheel kit, 12/4 and 10/4 cord.  Split out future Gen-Tran units with 20A breakers.   Added numbered list of online ordering steps.

May 9 & 11, 1999
Corrected button 07005 price.  Deleted duplicate button 5W911.  Added word about competitive pricing on Generator Shortage page.  Note: Web host was down due to major equipment failure from 8 pm on 5/9 till 1 pm on 5/11.

May 8, 1999
Added purchase buttons and credit card logos.  Limited 10% off sale till May 27th.  Added page describing three ordering methods.  Added page covering online security.  Added link on archives page to NERC's DAWG reports.  Added battery note to item GBV7000.

May 1-7, 1999
Add Gen-Tran products to catalog.  Change table backgrounds to white.   Fixed formula formatting and added bookmarks to Sizing page.  Added links to NEMA receptacles and plugs.  Added trademark statement.  Performed initial tests of secure online ordering.

April 6, 1999
Fix alignment of logo.  Added 4/6 news clip.

April 3, 1999
Add Privacy Promise page.  Correct price of GB7000 and 5W911.  Animate logo.

March 31, 1999
Begin 10% off all orders sale.

March 28, 1999
Add hyperlink to WV text, delete hosp. reference, fix ordering address table width.

March 24, 1999
Fix glossary formatting, move Other Browser page.  Revise order form and add shipping computation.  Add meta tags to home page.  Discontinue $50 off generators sale.

March 21, 1999
Added following new pages: Why Buy Here, Who We Are, Whats New, Other Browsers.   Added dates to all pages and deleted from footers.  Corrected list price for GBV7000 and added selling prices to other generators.  Fixed various table widths and centering.  Added discount line to order form. 

March 20, 1999
Fixed graphics orientation and size in page headings.  Added missing gif files.  Added hit counter to home page.  Changed background from outlets to clouds.

March 17, 1999
Published first version of web site.


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