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What's New 2005

For the record here is the detailed list of changes made to this web site, with the most recent at the top.

December 27, 2005
Updated Shakelight60 description.  Shortened Coleman Powermate generator lead times.  Added listings for new Powerware 3105 and 5110 UPS systems.

December 21, 2005
Add web poll to home page.  Reduced price of 80/55PTCMR pto generator by $711.  Added warning to all power inlet box pages and button descriptions as follows, "(WARNING- Never install this product without a transfer switch. Doing so violates the NEC and poses a safety hazard.)"  Clarified wiring description and added terminal image for Reliance MB75 and MB125 meter boxes.

December 6, 2005
Updated images for Reliance Q series transfer switches to show inlet on Q310AE and Q510AE.  Updated BRSURGE price.  Added Gift Ideas page linked from home page.

December 1, 2005
Added new Realtime Logging Software for WattsUP-Pro meter.

November 30, 2005
Added missing text to NRG3392 page.  Revised price for RJBP6-50.

November 25, 2005
Revised pricing for strainer 0149-0624, J-box 20125.  Revised pricing for Reliance 20216A, 30216A, 30310A, 30408B, 30508B, 31406CRK, 31410C, 50310A, 51410C, F20216B, F30216B, F30310B, F30408B, F30508B, F31406C, F31410C, F50310B, F51410C, Q310AE, Q310CE, Q510AE, Q510CE, TRC0603A, TRC0603C, TRC1003C, TRC1005A, TRC1005C, TTV2003C, TTV2005C, TTV2006C, TTV2010D, TTV2012D, TWB1503CR, TWB1505CR, TWB1506CR, TWB1510DR, TWB2003CR, TWB2005CR, TWB2006CR, TWB2010DR.  Added TTV2006C and removed TTV2005D & TTV2006D from list.  Revised pricing for GE Zenith ZTX and ZTG automatic transfer switches.  Added caution statement to SHAKELIGHT60 button description.

November 21, 2005
Revised price of T353041S isolation transformer.

November 18, 2005
Added PowerShelter Kit II link to Home page.  Added Reliance Controls Pro/Tran installation video.  Added factory installation option for PK20, PK30 and PK50 inlet kits.  Reduced price of TRC1003C.

November 17, 2005
Correct CSR30X table to show all 30A generator inputs and list inlet configuration.  Added links to CSR switch from other Pro/Tran switches for use with 30A 240V water heaters.

November 16-17, 2005
Added Briggs & Stratton 30204, 1894, 9801 portable generators (which are normally in stock).  Added Reliance CSR single-circuit transfer switch.  Adjusted price of Hour Meters.  Revised model number of 850 series 100A, 200A and 300A dc shunt operated meters.  Expanded descriptions for standby generator purchase buttons.

November 9, 2005
Updated pricing for Winpower TPH130 three point hitch and 97100 trailer kit.

November 8, 2005
Changed DC shunt model numbers for series 850 ammeters.  Added Reliance replacement analog watt meter and current sensor.  Adjusted prices of 500VA, 750VA and 1000VA inverter isolation transformers.  Adjusted prices of Reliance cordsets, PR inlet boxes, and plugs & connectors.  Added link to Duke Katrina photos.

November 5, 2005
Added Eaton Cutler-Hammer ATC3C2 100A to 600A automatic transfer switches.  Updated lead times for GE Zenith automatic transfer switches.

November 3, 2005
Added high capacity modular plugs BP10101 and BP10099.  Added 4/0 welding cable.  Linked to both from large pto generators.

November 2, 2005
Added 300134 High Capacity Power Inlet Kit.  Added links from large pto generator pages.  Deleted idle control and voltage regulator from PM0495503 specs.  Adjusted prices for PowerShelter Kit II for large sheds.  Updated Home Page news clip.

October 29, 2005
Added images to ZTX-A3/A4 page.  Added images to Eaton RLCM automatic transfer switch pages.  Added hurricane stats news clip.

October 25, 2005
Added Powerware 9125-5000g and 9125-6000g.  Added Powerware 9155 UPS System.  Updated Home page news clip.

October 24, 2005
Added Winpower 50/30PTJD and 80/55PTCMR 3-phase pto generators.  Deleted DCFestival from home page.

October 21, 2005
Added 3 Residential Grid Tie Solar Systems and deleted others.  Added OutBack PS1 Grid-Tie Solar with Battery Backup.  Updated GE Zenith ZTX automatic transfer switch controller from RM4 to MX60.  Revised literature and images.

October 20, 2005
Added Shell 80P, 85P, 165PC, 175PC solar modules and deleted discontinued models.  Added Uni-Solar SHR-17 solar roofing shingles.  Updated lead times pages.

October 19, 2005
Added Concorde Sun Xtender batteries.  Added new Sharp solar PV modules and deleted other discontinued modules.

October 16, 2005
Replaced Southwest Windpower H40, H80, 175 with Whisper 100, 200, 500 wind turbines.

October 15, 2005
Added mini images to top two levels of catalog.

October 13-14, 2005
Added aux contact kit for GE Zenith ZTX switches.  Added Eaton C-H RLCM automatic transfer switches.

October 6, 2005
Added Portable Energy System and Portable Power Generator on new Disaster Survival section of catalog.

October 6, 2005
Changed lead time for Reliance 31410C & 30310A transfer switches to 1-2 weeks.  Changed lead time for new Reliance Q-series switches to 2 weeks.  Deleted web & email down notifications on home and feedback pages.  Updated news clip on Home Page.  Added SHAKELIGHT60 flashlight on new Disaster Survival section of catalog.

October 4, 2005
Changed "return to home page" link from index.htm to on thanks for feedback and thanks for rfq pages.  Revised Winpower PTO generator prices.  Replaced SA-111-10 pto shaft with 54326-1.  Corrected 50A receptacle on 50/30 and 80/50 PTO generators from 1450R to 6-50R.  Added country of origin on USA page for Iota products.  Adjusted IQ-4 voltage specs.

October 2-3, 2005
Changed web host. Added direct email to Contacting Us page while trouble shooting alias failures.

September 30, 2005
Added "Be patient..." note to Feedback Page.

September 27, 2005
Added web & email down notifications on home and feedback pages.

September 23, 2005
Removed "in stock" from PM0558023.01 portable generator.  Adjusted prices of larger capacity PowerShelter II Kits.

September 14-15, 2005
Adjusted price of Zenith ZTX400 switch.  Adjusted prices of Coleman portable and PowerStation generators.  Discontinued cord 07007.

September 14, 2005
Removed public e-mail address and changed Contacting Us page.

September 5, 2005
Updated new clip on home page for Hurricane Katrina.  Revised ADAPT-Y product.  Added GS4000 shed to PowerShelter II page.  Replaced Winpower TDM73 with 97100 trailer.

August 23, 2005
Deleted home page counter.  Added more Delta Surge arresters and capacitors with spec sheets and mounting bracket option.

August 16, 2005
Added Toshiba UPS Systems.  Included link from Home page.

August 12, 2005
Correct broken links to PB30 and PR30 pages.  Corrected weights of PR20, PR30, PR50, NRG3392 and TCA panels.

August 8, 2005
Deleted some dc voltage models for S-600 & S-1500 inverters.  Discontinued NRG2100 wind totalizer and replaced it with NRG3392 WindWacher.

July 29, 2005
Corrected current rating on PR inlet box table.  Added PR series link to other products.  Added images to Reliance Q series pages.

July 27, 2005
Add Reliance Deluxe PR series Inlet Boxes.

July 26-27, 2005
Adjusted pricing for AQUAIR underwater hydro generator and added exchange rate note.  Added note on PowerShelter Kit page directing to PowerShelter Kit II product.  Corrected compatibility notes on IQ-3 and IQ-4 pages.  Added AOC 15/50 wind turbine page.

July 20, 2005
Added LVD to SUNSAVER10/24.  Deleted male inlet from TRC...C images.  Deleted Thermal Cutout and Exhaust Deflector part listings for discontinued PowerSheter Kit.  (Still available when purchased with new PowerShelter Kit II.)  Added Coleman Cable G01911 & G01912 generator extension cords.  Copied 3 Gen/Tran PowerCenters to single-circuit switch page.

July 13, 2005
Added technical details to PowerShelter Kit II page.  Corrected TRC1003C prewired pricing adders.  Revised prices for Coleman PM0497000 portable and all PowerStation generators due to factory price increase.

July 11, 2005
Removed vacation messages.

July 2, 2005
Added office vacation notice to home page and checkout form.

June 22, 2005
Adjusted Coleman generator prices for PM0525312, PMA545004, PM0545006.  Adjusted Gen/Tran prices for 301060, 501210.  Revised lead time for Reliance Q-Series transfer switches: "... will not be in full production until fall 2005.  Very limited availability until then."  Revised lead time for Harris hydroelectric turbines.  Deleted RJB10425Y cordset.

June 20, 2005
Adjusted prices of California 50A wiring devices.

June 20, 2005
Added details for PowerShelter Kit II and pricing info.

June 15, 2005
Adjusted price RJB10425Y.  Added USA suffix to Reliance cordsets.  Revised prices for R20216B, R30216B, R30310B, R50310B.

June 14, 2005
Corrected prices (swapped) for Pro/Tran 51410C & 50310A.

June 10, 2005
Adjusted prices of some cordsets and Gen/Tran Inlet Boxes.  Updated Iota IQ-4 Controller description page.  Adjusted price adder for METERPNL1 when using the EM1251 meter.  Reduced prices of new Reliance Controls Q-series load-side transfer switches.

June 6, 2005
Updated generator lead times page.  Replaced Briggs Home Standby #1931 with #1938, updated prices for all 3 models, added A/C Control Module and Service Entrance Disconnect and maintenance kit options.  Updated some Coleman Powermate portable generator part numbers.

May 31, 2005
Revised pricing for PW5125-5000 and HUPS5125-2K & -5K due to manufacturer's revision.

May 26, 2005
Added new Reliance Controls Q-series load side transfer switches.

May 25, 2005
Added Quantum Electrical.  Updated news clip on home page and hurricane season notice.  Added DC Festival link.

May 20, 2005
Added PowerShelter Kit II preliminary information.

May 12, 2005
Deleted Southwest Windpower AIR403 wind generators and updated some pricing.

May 5, 2005
Increased font size for Cummins BOMs and options lists.

May 2, 2005
Added GE Zenith ZT3000 series 3-source transfer systems.

May 2, 2005
Updated and added more Cummins standby diesel generators up through 100kW.  Added Made in USA to WattsUP meters.

April 29, 2005
Reduced prices for S-1500 & S-600 closeout inverters.  Added Invertek sine wave inverters.  Discontinued Studer inverters.

April 28, 2005
Added PowerShelter Kit parts: THERM-CU & EXH-DEFL.

April 27, 2005
Added back WATTSUP meter (a few left).  Added stock info to Shurite 850 series meter page and adjusted base price.  Updated Cummins standby generator pages 20GGDB, 35GGFD, 47GGFE and added 60GGHE, 100GGHH pages.

April 25, 2005
Replaced RJB12410 with PC2010 and revised price.

April 20, 2005
Added new whole house UPS systems HUPS51253K and HUPS51252K.  Discontinued WATTSUP meter and replaced with new WATTSUP-PRO.

April 19, 2005
Added new whole house UPS system HUPS51255K.  Corrected dc voltage for APS2448UL in table.

April 18, 2005
Added statement to Terms & Conditions, Prices section... "When we process an order if we find that the cost will be different than advertised we will contact the customer with the option of paying the new price, canceling at no charge, or changing the order to a different item."  Adjusted shipping weight of Harris Turbine.  Updated Whole House UPS Systems.

April 6, 2005
Added contractor in Nevada.  Fixed dropdown menu block heater for Coleman PM401211 & PM400911.

March 31, 2005
Discontinued Iota IQ-3 controller.  Discontinued Gen/Tran WKSP wheel kit.  Added Andio Electric to contractor list.

March 21-22, 2005
Add note about Cummins ending drop shipping and additional freight costs.  Added contractor in Washington state.

March 17, 2005
Adjusted Coleman Powermate portable generator prices -- some increased, some decreased.  Reduced Coleman PowerStation prices.  Fixed buttons for SUNSAVER controllers to disallow 1st option.

March 15, 2005
Added photos to Pro/Tran 31406CRK and corrected warranty duration.  Added Gen/Tran 20125 generator junction box.

March 9, 2005
Expanded Made in USA page.  Added Reliance Install Manuals to product description pages for Pro/Tran, TRC, TWB, and breaker/switch replacement parts.  Added Opti-UPS cross reference table.  Updated pricing for RLY-30A, TDR-SS, TDR-MF relays.

March 8, 2005
Updated pricing for Winpower pto generators and included free freight.  Discontinued 3W954 & 3W955 pto generator.

March 2, 2005
Added Ace Electric to contractor list.

March 1, 2005
Updated GE THQLSURGE arrester description.

February 26, 2005
Updated Cummins pdf spec files.  Added PCC1301 file referenced by 20GGDB genset.

February 25-26, 2005
Updated pricing and descriptions of Cummins gas fueled gensets.  Replaced Detector 12 with PCC2100 description.

February 23, 2005
Updated Voltmaster pto generator pricing.

February 17-18, 2005
Added alternative search capability to Search page for testing.  Made pto shaft 3396 no longer available and replaced with 3397.  Added more on the isolation transformer option for Configuration A2.  Added isolation transformers to inverter page (allows low-cost inverters to be connected to grounded systems).

February 11-12, 2005
Added Made in USA to home page and to various product pages.  Replaced Power Inlet Box page 1430 with 14302 and 14301 pages.  Added contractor listing for Ohio.

February 10, 2005
Added in-stock Cummins 0415-0834 fuel tank.

February 1, 2005
Added links to more wind maps.  Added factory installed branch breaker options to TWB panels.

January 30, 2005
Added new Whisper Link Grid Tie wind turbine.

January 28-29, 2005
Added Voltage Drop Calculator page for long cables and linked to it from Cord pages.  Added 31406CRK Pro/Tran Transfer Switch Kit.  Added SO 4/4 portable cord for 60 amp applications.  Updated all TrippLite APS unit specs and model numbers and reduced some pricing.  Replaced Harris Hydroelectric pages and Aquair underwater generator page and reduced pricing.  Discontinued portable generator packages PK001, PK002, PK003.  Added clause to Privacy Promise and Terms & Conditions pages, "in cases of non-payment..."

January 15, 2005
Updated copyright.  Updated status note for PowerShelter Kit.  Added Powerware 3110, 3115 and 5115 series UPS systems.

January 12-13, 2005
Added breaker details and instruction manuals for Briggs Automatic transfer Switches.  Added satisfied customer comment to Why Buy Here page.  Added Powerware 9120 UPS pages.

January 11, 2005
Added Powerware UPS page and 5125, 9125 product pages.

January 8-9, 2005
Deleted Belkin and Opti-UPS products.  Updated UPS Comparison page.  Changed JavaScript for today's date on home page to work with FireFox.

January 7, 2005
Added Briggs 1897 7kW automatic standby generator.  Added cold-weather options for all 3 Briggs standby generators.  Added Shurite 9017 Voltage Monitor Alarm.  Deleted SO 6/3 cord.  Fixed lead time links for many product pages.  Changed some wiring device and cordset model numbers from GT to RC.  Corrected weights for 10-circuit transfer switches.



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