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Who We Are

The concept for LLC was developed early in 1998 to meet a growing need for backup power sources. That winter, several severe ice storms had caused prolonged power outages in North America. See our Outage Archives. At the same time, it appeared that the competitive pressures building on the U.S. utility industry due to deregulation were having negative effects on service reliability. The multiple widespread power outages in the western U.S. in 1996 seemed to be symptoms of this reliability decline. To an electrical engineer with experience in the electric power industry, this was more apparent than to most people outside the utility business. Also, having personally experienced a prolonged power outage due to an ice storm, there was no lack of motivation to find a way to help others cope with future outages. At the same time, phenomenal growth and popularity of the internet appeared to present an ideal medium for meeting this need. The internet is perfect for passing along detailed application information about how to properly and safely install a backup power system. It also allows fast and convenient ordering. Even though other internet based distributors of backup power products exist, none seemed to offer a combination of detailed application information online with secure online ordering.

Thus was born the idea for LLC. The company was finally formed in January 1999 as a Maryland LLC. LLC is family owned and is operated by a licensed Professional Engineer with a bachelors degree in electrical engineering.  The company relocated to Virginia in 2008.

It is interesting to note, that the biggest demand in 1999 for generators resulted from Y2K concerns. However, this was not a consideration when the original business concept was formulated in the first half of 1998. We now only wish we had started the company a little earlier, which might have allowed us to avoid some of the problems related to product availability in 1999. See more under Generator Shortage at this web site. LLC is registered with Dun & Bradstreet, #11-146-6533.   They may be contacted at (800)333-0505 or at   For US Government purchases our CAGE Code is 1WC71.