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Why Buy Here

Why should you buy a system from  And why should you trust another internet "dot com" company?  Here are some reasons to consider:

  • We the owners of have endured a lengthy power outage and know first hand what it is like.
  • Unlike most other sellers of generators and related equipment, specializes only in backup and alternative power products.
  • Because sells only these power products, we believe you will get better and more detailed support, application information and answers to your questions.
  • is family owned and operated by a licensed professional engineer.
  • staff has more than 40 years of electric power system experience.
  • has a privacy policy that respects you and is not designed to line our wallet.  We don't sell your personal information.  And we won't clog your e-mail box with unwanted ads.
  • LLC has a Safe Shopping Guarantee that ensures you will never have to pay for fraudulent charges to your credit card.  Click here for details.
  • LLC is a member in good standing of the Better Business Bureau and has consistently over the years received the highest ratings.  Click the logo below to verify our membership and to view a current report on our business.
  • No waiting in long checkout lines!  Here you are always the first at the checkout counter!
  • Both small and large customers of all types have purchased from LLC, including corporations, government and the military.  Click here for a list of some of our customers.
  • delivers right to your door, avoiding the pain of loading and transporting heavy products in your own vehicle.
  • Convenience of ordering what you need on line via a secure shopping cart system.
  • In addition, the owner has 9 years of experience in manufacturing electrical equipment plus 15 years experience at a power company generating station where he was responsible for analyzing emergency standby power sources including diesel generators, battery backup, dc systems, and inverter backed ac systems.  Most of the principles used for these large in-plant systems also apply to the systems sold by
  • has processed orders from every state in the USA plus the territories of Puerto Rico and Guam.  We have also shipped to customers on every continent except Antarctica.
  • Our customers are generally satisfied with their buying experience.  In fact, many return and place additional orders.  Even though these products are not "consumable" commodities approximately 16% of orders placed are from returning customers.
  • Many customers are so satisfied that they tell us so in writing and give us permission to be quoted.  Below is a sampling of their comments.

    "With the assistance of a knowledgeable neighbor I was able to confirm that my recently purchased PTO generator works fine--we had the full output delivered through the bypass switch to the house wiring with steady lights and hot air pouring out of the furnace.  The prior problems were caused by simply not enough throttle on the tractor...  Thanks again for your diligent service and prompt communications.  I would recommend your firm without hesitation to anyone in need of your services."
                                              --K.M., Owensboro, Kentucky, December 1999

    "Just wanted to let you know that my order arrived very quickly as promised. The transpanel and power inlet box are very high quality and were easily installed as well. Also, before I purchased, I looked several places and found that your prices cannot be beat anywhere. Most of all, your service is beyond compare. If I have the opportunity to refer anyone, it will definitely be to you. By the way, your web site is the most informative that I found. Thanks again."

                                              --L.S., Powhatan, Virginia, October 1999

    "Thanks for the honest sequence of events as related by your e-mail. I really need the 10-circuit Gen/Tran switch, and your web site is the only place I have found it... So, please send out as soon as you can... I am sure operating an order line web site is a constant oversight job. I gotta tell you, yours is one of the most informative sites I have seen. I have printed out lots of free information from it, and that is a reason for my wanting to give you business. So keep up the good work, and the site is positively great. How do you reach that level? ... The Gen/Tran switch did arrive... Thank you for the service, and I have told many people about your informative website. Thanks."
                                              --T.W., Windsor, Vermont, October 1999.

    "Thanks for responding to all of my questions. You did a great job of researching and providing the necessary information for me to make the right decisions with the generator. I will be placing an order today on your website and I look forward to receiving the recommended items."
                                              --C.Z., Bismarck, North Dakota, September 1999.

    "Found you through a web search. After wading through several dozen other sites looking for a transfer switch I found your site. is head and shoulders above the other sites I visited. Wish I had found your site before I bought my generator; I would have saved alot of money. One more thing, I really appreciate the "level headed" honest tone to your site--so many other sites seem to be trying to play the Y2K hysteria angle to gouge as much as they can out of your checkbook."
                                              --J.C., Chesapeake, Virginia, September 1999.

    "Just wanted to let you know that the cord was delivered about 2:00 PM.   I have tried it in the box and it seems to fit perfectly.  Thank you very much for your prompt attention to this matter.  It is a pleasure to do business with a firm such as yours.  Thanks again."
                                              -- F.M., Osceola, Pennsylvania, August 1999.

    "I have received the package, and everything looks to be in fine shape.   Thank you again for your very caring service.  Too bad it's so unusual these days.  God Bless!"
                                               -- I.N., Silver Spring, Maryland, August 1999.

    "Thank you for your honesty.  This is hard to find today.  Your public relations is the best I have seen in some time."
                                               -- L.H., Carlsbad, New Mexico, August 1999.

    Just wanted to let you know my installation of the transfer switch went very well yesterday. I received the special cord and everything worked fine. I almost had immediate chance to use it as we had some severe storms pass through but the electricity hung in there. Thank you again for you time and expertise. I will recommend NoOutage to anyone that is interested."
                                               -- J.R., August 2001.

    "I just wanted to email you and say Thanks for your services. I appreciate the personal service I received, as well as the quick shipping. The quality of the products I received was excellent. Thanks again from a satisfied customer."
                                               -- J.S., Bear Valley, California, September 20, 2002.

    "I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know I've viewed portions of your site several times and obtained information for use in my personal life. In my past professional life, I've been involved with the design/build of several Data Centers, including Home Depot's main Data Center in Atlanta. With the information and knowledge you have and share, I wish I had known about this site while I was designing the computer center's "redundancy." You guys should start a consulting service. Keep up the good work..."
                                               -- G.C., December 31, 2002.

    I was really impressed with the original purchase I made for panels and your courtesy on the phone, but now I am REALLY impressed. I called and asked a question, and you returned my call while out on vacation. I called again later just in let you know I would be ordering some parts, and you remembered my old order, looked up the needed parts, got the previous payment information, shipped out the product and forwarded the shipping information. WOW. That is called customer service! Thank you for ALL you have done."
                                               -- T.S., McKinney, Texas, July 15, 2003.

    I did a test run on Saturday, to try out the TWB2003CR panel I purchased with the Locking 240 Plug, and Meters. It worked great! I was able to see the "load" and balance it with the breakers inside. The 30amp cable I purchased allowed me to plug directly from my generator to my house and run whatever I wanted (subject to generator limitations). Actually, with the 7550 watt generator I've got, I was able to selectively run either my 3ton or 2.5ton Central A/C unit, and refrigerator. You could "see" the generator surge on the meters when the A/C units kicked in, they went off the chart but read only about 1,200-1,800 watts per leg on normal run. I'm now ready for the Florida storm season."
                                               -- K.J., Boca Raton, Florida, January 9, 2005.



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