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Vapor Fuel Solenoid Valve
3/4" NPT inlet/outlet, 25 psi

This electrically operated solenoid valve is used on the fuel supply external to the genset.  Even though the genset has an internal solenoid an extra safety shutoff is recommended.  The engine 12Vdc control will only open this valve when the genset is called upon to operate.  A flexible fuel line is normally connected between this solenoid and the genset.  If there is ever a leak in the flex or genset this solenoid valve will prevent loss of fuel vapors when the genset is shutdown.

Must be wired on site in parallel with engine mounted solenoid so that both operate together.



Item Number: 0307-0834
Price: $321
Price last updated 9/2/2022
Shipping Weight: 3 lbs.
This item normally ships in approximately 1 week or less.


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