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Universal Battery Cable Set
for use with APS1024 Inverter/Charger UPS System

Universal battery cable set designed for APS inverter/charger when you buy your own batteries.  We have eliminated the trouble and uncertainty of selecting and finding the right gauge wire, proper lugs, and correct type and size of dc fuse recommended in the owners manual for these inverters.  To reduce the chance for wiring mistakes the cables are insulated red for positive and black for negative.

The cable gauge is over-sized to minimize dc voltage drop which is critical if you want maximum efficiency and the ability to take advantage of the inverter's surge power rating.  The cables come with ring-tongue terminals already installed to fit batteries with stud or L shaped flag terminals.  If your batteries only have automotive style posts this cable set also works with optional adapters (wing nut post lugs).  If you require these request them in the comments at the bottom of the checkout screen and we will include them for an additional $10.  A fuse holder and properly rated fuse is also included.

Cables are also long enough to make the connections if your batteries are installed in a protective box such as shown in the image above.  If you use a box, make sure it is NOT air tight.  Hydrogen gas can be generated if batteries are inadvertently overcharged.  Use of some sort of protection is strongly recommended over your batteries since there is a danger of sparks, injury and fire if any metal object falls across the terminals of batteries.  Be sure to follow all the battery manufacturer's safety precautions.

This set consists of enough cables to connect up to two batteries in parallel or series to your inverter/charger.  Cable size is #2 ga minimum and is extra flexible.  Fuse is rated for 150 amps dc.  Note also that insulation is pre-stripped on the cables that connect to the inverter dc input connections.



Item Number: CABSET1024
Price: $89
Price last updated 09/08/17
Shipping Weight: 4 lbs.
This item normally ships in approximately 1 week or less.


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