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Manual Transfer Switch
single circuit
20A, 30A, 50A
125V & 125/250V


The Pro/Tran CSR single-circuit transfer switch is easy to install and operate, connects portable generator to one branch circuit or load.  Originally designed for supplying generator power to traffic signals.  This switch is also perfect for those large single loads that are too big for the 15A or 20A limitation of the Pro/Tran 4, 6, 8 and 10 circuit transfer switches.  An example would be an electric water heater fed from a 2 pole 30 amp breaker.   Now required by Article 702.6 of the 2002 National Electric Code to prevent inadvertent back feeding of electric power from generator into utility system which can be a safety hazard.

Standard features include NEMA 3R outdoor cabinet suitable for surface mounting, knockouts and hub provision for wiring and UL Listing.  Inlet included but without meters.  Made in USA  


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20A 125/250V
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Specs & Model Numbers

Model No. Switches Max. Utility Input (amps) Max. Generator Input (amps) Male Inlet Configuration
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Utility-ON Light Included? Volts Price
$ US
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CSR201 1 20 20A - 1 pole L5-20P   125
CSR202 2 20 20A - 2 pole L1420P   125/250
CSR201L 2 20 20A - 1 pole L5-20P Yes 125
CSR202L 3 20 20A - 2 pole L1420P Yes 125/250
CSR301 1 30 30A - 1 pole L5-30P   125
CSR302 2 30 30A - 2 pole L1430P   125/250
CSR301L 2 30 30A - 1 pole L5-30P Yes 125
CSR302L 3 30 30A - 2 pole L1430P Yes 125/250
CSR501 2 50 50A - 1 pole CS6377   125
CSR511 2 50 30A - 1 pole L5-30P   125
CSR501L 3 50 50A - 1 pole CS6377 Yes 125
CSR511L 3 50 30A - 1 pole L5-30P Yes 125

1) One switch pole is used for the optional utility-on light.
2) Two switch poles are connected in parallel to achieve 50A ratings.
3) 50A 250V generator input is NOT currently available for this model switch.