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Turbine Photo Turbine with Optional Meter Package Turbine with Optional Meter Package Simple test setup Composite Wattage Performance Curves Standard Impeller 24V Performance Curves Standard Impeller 12V Performance Curves Outline Dimensions

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low cost
Mini Microhydroelectric Turbine Generator
non-adjustable permanent magnet generator
24Vdc, approx 40 Watts
12Vdc, approx 28 Watts


Now you can experiment with micro hydroelectric power without spending a lot of money.  A residential hose spigot will NOT normally produce the necessary pressure and flow to operate this unit.  However, if your home water service is supplied through a 3/4" line you can install a 3/4" tee close to the the service entrance with a 3/4" valve and this usually WILL be sufficient to test this turbine.

Will produce up to approximately 28 Watts 1.9 Amps maximum output at a nominal 12Vdc or approximately 40 Watts 1.6 Amps at 24Vdc.  Water source must be 35 psi head pressure at inlet with 12 gpm available to achieve maximum output.  Includes a permanent magnet dc generator (motor) with long life replaceable brushes.  Impeller is magnetically coupled which means there are no seals to wear out and replace.

This mini micro hydroelectric generator can be used for battery charging.  Or, with our optional diversion load/regulator it is a source for a stand-alone dc system WITHOUT a battery that can be used to power small electrical loads like LED lights or dc compact fluorescent lamps.  Perfect for that remote cabin or even a rural off-grid cottage.


NOTE: Performance will vary from unit to unit due to manufacturing tolerances geometry of supply pipe.

Electrical Specs


Physical Specs

Impeller Standard Standard Large Turbine Housing Bronze &
Stainless Steel
Max Power Output 40 Watts 28 Watts performance similar to standard impeller Outlet (NPT) 3/4" 3/4"
Max Current 1.6 Amps 1.9 Amps Inlet (NPT) 1/2" 1/2"
Nominal Voltage 24 Vdc 12 Vdc Max Pressure 150 psi 50 psi
Pressure at Max 35 psi 32 psi Max Liquid Temp 250 F 250 F
Flow at Max 11.5 gpm 11 gpm Packed Weight 5.5 lbs 4.5 lbs
Startup Pressure 18 psi 13 psi Length 8.33" 7.83"
Startup Flow 7.0 gpm 7.5 gpm Width 4.50" 4.50"
      Height 4.69" 4.56"


The optional meter package includes 0-30V Voltmeter, 0-3A Ammeter, wiring, terminals, connection diagrams, mounting bracket and hardware.  The meters are analog 5% accuracy.

The optional regulator/diversion load is a solid state device that controls the output voltage by diverting excess power to the heat sink.  Power rating is 50 Watts.  The specially designed meter mounting bracket acts as heat sink and is cooled by the turbine.  The regulator is designed to be used WITHOUT a battery bank and will maintain the Voltage to within +10% of nominal.  Must be ordered as 12V or 24V and requires the meter package.

California Law, Bill #1953, states that any item which provides water for human consumption shall contain no more than 0.2% lead.  Therefore, the bronze housing should not be used to supply potable water systems.  Use the alternative plastic or stainless steel housing for such applications.  All units now come standard with stainless steel housings.

Note that impeller and housing will wear if water contains sediment, silt or sand.  Make sure that feed water is clean.








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