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Flush Mount Instructions

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Q: How can I avoid ripping out lots of finished drywall to install Gen/Tran and Reliance Pro/Tran flush-mount switches?

A: Here are some installation tips courtesy of the inventor of the Gen/Tran switch...

1. Your load center panel is probably mounted between two vertical studs in the wall. You will want to mount the Gen/Tran unit in the space between the next two studs either to the right or left of the load center panel.  If you have a choice, pick the side that has an unused large knockout in the lowest position of that side of the load center panel.
2. Cut a rectangular hole in the wall for the Gen/Tran unit so that the bottom of the Gen/Tran unit will be about 9 inches above the bottom of your load center panel.
3. Use a drill inside the load center panel and drill a 1/4 inch hole in the center of the large knockout in the lower-side of the load center panel. Continue drilling all the way through the stud.
4. Then put a 2 inch hole saw on your drill and reach down into the wall through the hole you cut for the Gen/Tran unit. Using the 1/4 inch hole as a guide hole drill a 2 inch hole back through the stud and stop when reaching the metal side of your load center box.
5. Now remove the knockout for the flex conduit which can be attached through the 2 inch hole to the side of the load center box. Note, you may have to cut the flex conduit shorter if it is too long.  If you do, make sure you pull the wires back so as not to damage them when sawing through the conduit.
6. Follow the directions in the Gen/Tran manual to make up the wiring connections.

The flex conduits for the surface mount switches have 90 degree fittings since these do not have to be mounted behind a wall. However, the National Electric Code and UL prohibits the use of 90 degree fittings for flush mount switches. The reason being the conduit is considered a raceway and must allow for the pulling of wire. This is not easily done behind a wall with 90 degree fittings. Note also that the flex conduit supplied with the flush mount switch is 6 inches longer than with a surface mount switch.