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Lease Application

Use our one page Lease Application to apply by fax.  Just download the MS Word document by clicking the link below.  Print the application on your printer.  Complete and sign it.  Fax the application back to us at (775) 860-3571.  Your application will be immediately processed.  A form outlining your terms and rates will be faxed or e-mailed to you.  Upon your approval, a contract will be generated and transmitted to you for execution.  Once an authorized contract is returned, we will call you to confirm delivery and acceptance of the equipment.  It is that simple.  We suggest you review the Credit Guidelines below before submitting an application to determine the likelihood of approval.

Left click the following link to view the application in your browser.  Right click the link to download the application to save it on your computer for future printing and/or completion.



Credit Guidelines for Leasing

The following guidelines are generally used to determine eligibility for lease approvals.  Review this list to see if you are likely to be approved before submitting an application.