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Solar Grid Tie System
190W 240VAC or 208VAC


Enphase Energy presents the first commercially available Micro-Inverter system for residential and commercial solar PV applications.  The Enphase Micro-Inverter system utilizes advanced technologies to maximize energy harvest, increase system reliability and dramatically simplify design, installation and management.

Rather than using a large centralized inverter that converts the dc power from all PV modules to ac, the Enphase Micro-Inverter system uses an inverter for each PV module.  This has the following advantages:

     * Every module gets the benefit of individual Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT),
        thereby maximizing energy harvest.
     * Decreases system power reduction events due to single-module shading.
     * Incremental system growth capability - no need to purchase many expensive modules at one time.
     * Eliminates nearly all the dc system components such as junction boxes, batteries, fuses, cabling and
        their associated costs and installation time.
     * Improved reliability - single inverter failure does not disable entire system.

Communications Gateway

The module performance information generated by each Micro-inverter is collected by the Enphase communications gateway called the Energy Management Unit (EMU). The EMU then transmits this data over a broadband internet connection to the Enphase Enlighten™ website.


The Enphase Enlighten website analyzes the per-module data collected by each Micro-inverter. Enlighten automatically detects any shortfall in energy production, identifies possible causes, and suggests solutions to correct the problem. The Enphase Enlighten website is constantly monitoring and managing every module on every installation.



Parameter 240V Value 208V Value
Input Data:
    Recommended Input Power (PTC) 230W dc 230W dc
    Maximum Input Voltage 54Vdc 54Vdc
    Peak Power Tracking Voltage 22-40Vdc 22-40Vdc
    Maximum Short Circuit Current 12Adc 12Adc
    Maximum Input Current 10A 10A
Output Data:
    Maximum Output Power 190W ac 190W ac
    Nominal Output Current 0.92A 0.80A
    Nominal Voltage Range 240Vac (211-264Vac) 208Vac (183-229Vac)
    Extended Voltage Range 240Vac (206-269Vac) 208Vac (179-232Vac)
    Nominal Frequency Range 60.0Hz (59.3-60.5Hz) 60.0Hz (59.3-60.5Hz)
    Extended Frequency Range 60.0Hz (59.2-60.6Hz) 60.0Hz (59.2-60.6Hz)
    Power Factor >0.95 >0.95
    Maximum Units per Branch Circuit 15 21
    Peak Inverter Efficiency 95.5% 95.5%
    CEC Weighted Efficiency 95.0% 95.0%
    Nominal MPP Tracking 99.6% 99.6%
Physical Data:
    Dimensions (WxHxD) in inches 8.0" x 5,25" x 1.25" 8.0" x 5,25" x 1.25"
    Ambient Temperature Range -40C to +65C -40C to +65C
    Nighttime Power Consumption 0.030W 0.030W
    Enclosure NEMA 6P sealed NEMA 6P sealed
Other Features:
    Data Communication Powerline Powerline
    Warranty 15 years 15 years
    Compliance UL1741/IEEE1547
FCC Part 15 Class B
FCC Part 15 Class B

Note that the 208V version is only suitable for use on one leg of a 3 phase 120/208V power system.

To predict how much electricity this system will generate in your area (with the corresponding reduction in your utility bill usage) go to the bottom of our Array Sizing Worksheet.


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