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Multi-circuit Transfer Switches

General Information


All the multi-circuit load side transfer switches in the tables below are Pro/Tran.except for one Gen/Tran model 15114.  All new Gen/Tran transfer switches are now designed to be installed as sub-panels and are listed in the Transfer Panel section of our catalog.  CLICK HERE TO SEE LIST.  All Pro/Tran switches are listed to new UL1008 standard with 5000A SC rating. Others listed to UL98 with 1000A short circuit withstand rating. All can be connected to load center circuits protected with 15A or 20A breakers max.  All except 15114 & 30114 are rated 250V max and can be used in NoOutage configurations B2, B3Click here to watch a video explaining how to install and operate the 6 circuit surface mount transfer switch and optional inlet box.