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included 200W on RV 400W on RV brochure manual

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PV Solar Laminate
PowerFLEX Mobile
for RVs and mobile vehicle use


PowerFLEX modules are utilized on RVs and caravans to reduce generator fuel consumption and gas usage to keep your battery bank charged. The lightweight and flexible modules are designed to be attached to the roof. The modules do not add any additional wind load and fit into multiple configurations on RV rooftops. The adhesive mounting system improves RV aesthetics while reducing the likelihood of theft. The durable modules withstand hail storms and other harsh weather. PowerFLEX modules offer the highest power efficiency of all flexible PV solar arrays.

System Advantages

  • Complete system solution
  • No glass highly durable
  • Highest power efficiency of all flexible PV solar arrays
  • Adhesive based mounting system - No Screws Required
  • Flat installation reduces visibility and prevents theft issues
  • Low aerodynamic shape and lightweight system reduce gas usage
  • Fulfills HR1424 Tax Credit Qualification for RVs - please check with your tax advisor

Generator Advantages

  • Reduce generator fuel usage
  • Reduce generator noise and pollution
  • Extend generator lifetime
  • Compatible with RV park noise regulations
  • Offset park electrical usage and charges

Battery Advantages

  • Keep batteries charged and healthy for a long life
  • Possible to extend battery life by up to 2 times

Go Green

  • No generator CO generation
  • Offset your carbon footprint
  • No CO generated due to your power needs


Module Specifications

  • High efficiency CIGS technology
  • Performs in all light conditions
  • Shade tolerant


These kits come with the flexible modules, custom trim pieces, adhesive tape, special edge adhesive, wire, y-cables (for -1E or -2K), connectors, and charge controllers (for -1K and -2K). The -1E kit is an expansion kit for someone who has already purchased a -1K, and wants to add another 100w. It does not include a charge controller.

5 year factory warranty.

Made in USA  


100W Module Kit
includes charge controller
can be expanded later to 200W
200W Module Kit
includes (2)100W modules,
Y cable and charge controller
100W Expansion Module
includes (1)100W module
and Y cable
discontinued discontinued discontined


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