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(model C13N6H, part A054E399)

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enclosure hood open with mounting pad Cummins Power Videos generator
generator installation manual Quiet Connect series
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RS13A Standby Generator Set
Cummins® Power Generation Quiet Connect™ Series Air Cooled
newly redesigned for 2017
13kW on vapor propane or 13kW on nat. gas
120/240V single phase

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Features and benefits

Robust Design – The generator is designed to operate in cold weather with performance down to 0 F (-18 C) out of the box. Cold Weather accessories allow for even colder. It is tested and certified per the latest EPA, UL, and CSA standards. The generator meets NFPA 37 which allows it to be installed 18 inches from a building. It has powerful motor starting ability and can easily start and run a 5 ton A/C under full pre-load.

Flexible Exercise Modes - Exercise modes can be set for time, date, and frequency that suits the owner. Our patented ‘Crank only’ exercise mode allows the generator to crank the engine and run diagnostics without starting the engine. This reduces wear and tear on the engine, fuel costs, and further reduces the sound of an already quiet generator.

Intelligent Load Management - The generator can control up to 4 loads and continuously monitors how much power is required independently for each load. It then controls each load for maximum utilization of generator power by only restoring loads the generator has capacity to run.

Remote Monitoring - Remote monitoring is built into every generator. Using a computer, tablet, or smart phone, an operator can monitor, change exercise modes, and manually run the generator remotely.

Installation Costs - Visit our new standby generator installation cost estimator page for an instant calculation of what may cost to install this generator.


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Power Rating (vapor propane/natural gas) 13.2 kW / 13.2 kW
(see page 1 of specs for temperature and elevation deratings)
Output Voltage & Current
(vapor propane/natural gas)
120/240V 1-phase 54.2A / 54.2A
Sound Level 65 dbA at 23 ft and typical 3kW residential load
Engine Type Cummins QSJ999G
60.96 (999 cc), V twin cylinder, aluminum block
Engine and alternator speed 3600 rpm
Cooling System air cooled, single direct drive blower
Voltage Regulation +1.25% no load to full load
Governor/Speed/Frequency Regulation +1.25% steady state (+1.5% at no load)
Alternator 3600rpm, <5% total harmonic distortion,
long life electrographic DC brushes,
slip ring heater standard
Operating Temperature 0F to 122F, <0F with extreme cold kit
(see page 1 of specs for temperature and elevation deratings)
Enclosure aluminum exterior, sandstone color,
gavanized steel interior
Dimensions 36"W x 34.1"D x 27.3"H (51.7"H w/ hood open)
(see page 3 of specs for required clearances)
Fuel Pressure Requirements natural gas: 3.5 to 13.0 inches water column
vapor propane: 6.0 to 13.0 inches water column
Warranty (click for details) Base 5 year/2000 hour,
extensions available to 10 years


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50A Load Management Contactor Pair

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Item Number: RS13Anew
Price: $3,946
Price last updated 6/9/2022
Shipping Weight: 480 lbs.
This item normally ships in approximately 26 weeks or less.


Part Numbers that can be ordered using the drop-down menus above on this page:
A054E399(C13N6H) A045P692 A045P696 A051C991 A045P694 A045P697 A043J735 A044Z051 Z051C329 A052A795 A053K028 A054B984 A054H068.


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