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800A Manual Transfer Switch
(with 600A aux generator contacts)
600V max 3 Phase 3 pole
Aluminum NEMA 3R Outdoor Enclosure

For use with standby generators to transfer loads between utility power and auxiliary power.  Two position, with quick-make, quick-break contacts designed to minimize contact arcing and prolong contact life.  Aluminum NEMA 3R outdoor enclosure for wall mounting.  Ample wiring space.  Rated for 800 amps at 600 volts max.  Lugs for aluminum and copper wire included.  Not UL listed.  Manually-operated switch suitable for use in accordance with article 702 of the National Electric Code, ANSI/NFPA 70.   Made in USA  

This switch is NOT UL Listed and does NOT have a third (OFF) position normally required for Service Entrance Equipment.  This switch normally requires an upstream service entrance rated disconnect (not included).



Continuous Current Rating - utility 800 amps (100% rating)
Continuous Current Rating - aux/gen 600 amps (100% rating)
Voltage Rating 600Vac max
Short-Circuit Withstand 10,000 amps
Wire Range - Utility/Line (2)750MCM to (2)500MCM CU-AL
Wire Range - Aux/Generator (2)350MCM to (2)#4 awg CU-AL
Wire Range - Load (3)600MCM to (2)#2 awg CU-AL
Wire Range - Neutral (4)600MCM to (4)#2 awg CU-AL
Motor HP Rating none
Dimensions 38" W x 12.5" D x 36.25" H
add 4" for side mounted handle
* Wire bending space in enclosure based on (2)250MCM, not (1)600MCM.
   Use copper or aluminum wire rated for 75C.


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Item Number: T-6233-6
Price: $6,572
Price last updated 10/13/2022
Shipping Weight: 247 lbs.
This item normally ships in approximately 4-6 weeks or less.
If not paying by credit card contact NoOutage before placing order.

Use the service entrance rated switch if installing directly downstream of power company meter (with no disconnect installed in between).

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