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RV Generator Set
2500 LP vapor fueled
2500W rated

This brand of GenSets have powered RVs since they first hit the road.   A variety of worry-free gasoline, LP and diesel gensets are available, designed specifically for RV use.  Extensive testing, both in the lab and on the road, ensures long-lasting performance backed by one of the industry's best warranties.  Plus, you'll find certified parts and service are never far away.

When you purchase this brand GenSet, you'll be among more than 1.2 million RV owners who depend on the same brand for quiet power.  In fact, these exceptionally quiet RV gensets can be found aboard eight out of ten RVs with generators.  Discover for yourself the quality, selection and service that have made this brand RV generators the first choice for convenient, reliable gensets.


Compare these features with those offered on competitor's models.   It is the most popular brand of RV generator.

* Models for both propane (LP) or gasoline.

* Electronic ignition.

* Remote 12VDC starting.

* Low oil level shutdown.

* Cylinder-Crankcase: alloy aluminum with iron cylinder liner cast into block.

* Cylinder head: alloy aluminum, removable.

* Alternator with skewed laminations designed for low sine wave total
   harmonic distortion (THD).  Copper windings.

* Electronic voltage regulator.

* Tested at wide temperature extremes for starting and operation.

* Tested with RV loads, air conditioners, microwave ovens, converters, TVs, VCRs.

* Testing is performed with generators installed in RVs.  The factory owns RVs used
   for product development testing.

* Tested in high humidity conditions, salt spray conditions, heavy air-borne dust conditions.

* Long standard warranty period.  Extended warranty plans available.  Both parts
   warranty programs are transferable to a new owner if the RV is sold during the
   warranty period.

Abbreviated Specifications

Sound Level at 10 ft. 70dbA at half load
AC Output Voltage 120VAC, 1 phase
better than 10% from no load to full load
AC Output Frequency 60Hz
better than 5% no load to full load
AC Output Power at 85F(29.4C) and 0-500 ft elevation 2.5kW
Warranty 3 year limited factory warranty
Dimensions L x W x H 24" x 16.4" x 12.3" enclosed,
muffler mounted internally

Limited manufacturer's warranty is standard on GenSet for three years and includes a free 90-day adjustment on all new gensets; everything except routine maintenance for the first two years; all parts and labor on the power train for the third year.  Additional fifth year warranty options are available. 


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If you need to order any other options or accessories with this generator just provide the part number in comments at the bottom of the order checkout screen.   We will add item(s) to your order and show them in the acknowledgment sent by email.



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