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Online UPS System
700VA, 120Vac, Tower


Features and Benefits

* Isolates connected equipment from all incoming power problems to provide the highest
   degree of protection 
* Doubles battery service life and gives you advanced warning of the end of useful
   battery life with Advanced Battery Management (ABM)® technology 
* Conditions incoming power without depleting the battery to preserve battery power
   for complete power outages 
* Prolongs backup time with Extended Battery Modules (EBMs) 
* Quickly collects information on UPS status, power usage, battery backup time,
   and other critical parameters with an intuitive LCD screen 
* Extends backup time for select equipment with Load segments 
* Minimizes downtime with hot-swappable batteries 
* Protects equipment connected by network or phone wiring from "back door" power
  surges with a Network Transient Protector 
* Ensures data integrity with free Software Suite bundle including LanSafe™ software,
  PowerVision® software, and Foreseer® software 
* Easily incorporates connectivity products with an option slot to integrate into
  various environments and applications 
* Guarantees performance with the Triple Power Warranty 
* Enhances warranty coverage with optional Gold Plan


2-year pro-rated warranty 
$25,000 UPS load protection guarantee (with return of Warranty Card receive 10-year pro-rated warranty) 

Part Numbers & Ratings

Model Number             Part Number           Power Rating 
120 VAC Units:
PW9120 700            05147356-5591         700 VA/490 W 
PW9120 1000          05147357-5591        1000 VA/700 W 
PW9120 1500          05147358-5591       1500 VA/1050 W 
PW9120 2000          05147359-5591       2000 VA/1400 W 
PW9120 3000          05147360-5591       3000 VA/2100 W  
PW9120 3000H        05147547-5591       3000 VA/2100 W 
208 VAC Units:
PW9120 3000b        05147548-5591       3000 VA/2100 W
Extended Battery Modules:
PW9120 BATT 700    05147366-5592               ---         
PW9120 BATT 1000  05147367-5592               ---          
PW9120 BATT 1500  05147368-5592                ---          
PW9120 BATT 2000/3000   05147369-5592       ---   


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