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Automatic Voltage Regulator
and Line Conditioner
120/240V single phase 50/60Hz
19kVA thru 57kVA, variable transformer-type


The WHR Series is an extensive line of STABILINE® Voltage Regulators offered by Superior Electric. This line of regulators includes units for use on all AC power systems, up to 660 volt, currently in use throughout the world. An extensive range of standard sizes, features and options is included.  Made in USA

WHR Series STABILINE Voltage Regulators maintain constant voltage to your equipment, even when the input voltage and system load vary widely.

All electronic and electrical equipment is designed to operate at a particular nominal voltage. If the actual voltage becomes too high or too low, equipment malfunction or failure will occur. WHR Series Voltage Regulators are a cost effective way of eliminating these problems.  For a complete discussion of these regulators and how they solve many power system problems read the excellent factory product brochure at this link.

  • Rural and remote homes with poor power quality and frequent brownouts
  • Broadcasting: Transmitters, Receiving Stations, Studios, Mobile Production Vehicles
  • Electronic Equipment: Computers, Telecommunications, Radar
  • Industrial: Distribution Equipment, Motors, Resistance Heating, Magnetic Solenoids & Clutches, Plating, Welders, Machine Tools, Battery Chargers, Test Stands
  • Lighting: Incandescent, Fluorescent, High-Intensity Discharge, Infrared
  • Marine: Shore Power, Private & Commercial Vessels
  • Medical: X-Ray Machines, CAT Scanners, MRI Equipment
Standard Features Included
  • Single phase 120/240V 50/60Hz
  • standard Voltage Input Range -20% to +10%
  • Excellent Accuracy Holds Output Voltage Within ±1%
  • Single Hot Leg Voltage Sensing Control
  • Input range can be shifted to provide greater low voltage protection
  • All Buck or Boost (lower/raise) Capability
  • High Energy Transient Suppression
  • Efficiency 99 % Typical at full load
  • No Waveform Distortion - less than 1% added
  • Low Impedance
  • Fast Response Time
  • No Power Factor Restrictions
  • Good Ambient Temperature Rating - maximum of 40C (104F) and the average temperature over any 24 hour period does not exceed 30C (86F).
  • Extended Temperature Limits - average temperature for any 24 hour period may be increased to 40C (104F) and the maximum temperature may be increased to 50C (122F) if the load does not exceed 90% of the unit’s rating.
    Standard Ratings apply to operation in altitudes up to 6,600 Ft. (2,000 meters).
  • High Overload Capability - 100% rated continuous, 200% rated 60 seconds, 400% rated 3 seconds
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Designed for UL & CSA Approvals
Additional Options Available (request quote)
  • Three Phase Models
  • ZIG-ZAG on input to derive neutral when it connection is not easily available for 3 phase units
  • All Voltages up to 660 Volts
  • Expanded Wide Input Voltage Range -30% to +15%
  • Individual Phase Control
  • Full Range of Power Ratings
  • 19" Rack Mount Versions
  • Tropicalization Treatment - for operation in a high humidity environment. Prevents insulation moisture absorption/degradation, fungus growth, corrosion of metal
  • Input Circuit Breaker
  • Shunt or Undervoltage Trip for abnormal frequency, phase loss/reversal
  • Bypass Switch
  • Ammeters
  • Frequency Trip Meter
  • Input Voltage Range Alarm Contacts
  • Phase Loss - Reversal Alarm Contacts
  • Manual Raise - Lower Switches
  • Delayed Output - prevents equipment damage when power company restoration is erratic, and allows time for the power to stabilize before energizing the load
  • Soft Start - reduced initial turn-on voltage in order to limit inrush currents, mechanical shock, thermal shock, etc. to loads
  • Casters for floor mount models


Detailed Specifications

Parameter WHRS22NSF12 WHRS22NSF14 WHRS22NSF16
Rated Output 19 kVA 38 kVA 57 kVA
Regulation Input Voltage Range1 and frequency -20% to +10% of nominal,
50-60 Hz
Maximum Input at 240V - 20% 100A 200A 300A
Recommended Input Circuit Breaker2 100A 2-pole 200A 2-pole 300A 2-pole
Rated Output at 240V 80A 160A 240A
Recommended Output Circuit Breaker 80A 2-pole 175A 2-pole 250A 2-pole
Heat Generated at Full Load 665 BTU/hr
(195 Watts)
1,330 BTU/hr
(390 Watts)
1,995 BTU/hr
(585 Watts)
Warranty 2 years 2 years 2 years
Dimensions - inches
W x D x H (encl designation)3
26 x 18 x 34 (C) 26 x 18 x 56 (E) 26 x 18 x 74 (F)
Weight (net/shipping) 362 lbs / 412 lbs 580 lbs / 675 lbs 781 lbs / 831 lbs

1Unit will operate below -20% input Voltage but output Voltage will be less than 100%.
2Input breaker should be selected to withstand transformer inrush current of 6X to 10X full load current
 for several cycles without tripping.  If breaker has a low instantaneous trip region it could trip when the
 regulator is first turned on.  Contact NoOutage for assistance evaluating proposed input breaker.
3The enclosure designation matches the letters used on the outline drawing at the end of the factory product brochure.


What size WHR Series STABILINE Voltage Regulator is Needed?

Regulator sizing is based on the maximum load initially planned, plus a small amount for future expansion (about 10% to 25%), and occasionally some derating for special conditions. The load may be stated in current (Amperes) or kVA. The rating charts list both.

Several methods to determine the size regulator required are outlined in the factory product brochure beginning on page 16. If the regulator will be installed at the service entrance to carry the full electric service load then the service rating in Amps can usually be used as the maximum load. So, for a typical North American single phase 120/240V 200A service the rating would need to be 200A x 240V = 48,000VA or 48kVA. However, in many cases the service is way oversized for the actual building loads and an evaluation by an electrician may be able to show that a smaller capacity regulator would be sufficient.  NoOutage can also provide technical assistance sizing the regulator.

When you are ready to place an order we recommend requesting a firm up-to-date quote with any additional options you may want.  These regulators are built to order and therefore are not cancelable and cannot be returned.



Contact us about other ratings and options such as the following models:


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