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As Installed As Shipped with LED meter Showing removable breaker Spec Literature
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(switch shown with LED meter that is no longer available)

Manual Transfer Switch
30A, 7500W max, hardwired

Pro/Tran by Reliance Controls
Latest technology in load-side transfer switches...
with built-in analog meters
high capacity 30A 2pole branch
interchangeable breakers


This is the most advanced load-side transfer switch available at this time.  This NEW Q-series Pro/Tran switch from Reliance Controls has all the great features of the original plus some new capabilities...

* Analog meters for indicating the power on each hot leg of generator.
* Includes (1) 30 amp double pole branch circuit breaker - allows you to power
   that 240Vac electric water heater or other large load.
* Designed for standard 1" plug-on interchangeable circuit breakers.  Allows for
   changing breaker sizes in the field using readily available breakers.
* All branch wiring (except for 30 amp circuit) sized for 20 amps so that any
   15 amp breaker can be upsized to 20 amps in field.

Easy to install and operate, connects portable generator to residential load center.  Allows manual transfer of individual loads to prevent overloading generator.   Each individual circuit can be transferred separately and only as needed.   Now required by Article 702.6 of the 2002 National Electric Code to prevent inadvertent backfeeding of electric power from generator into utility system which can be a safety hazard.



Total Capacity 7500 watts, 30 amps
Single Pole Circuits - 120VAC (6) 15 amp
Double Pole Circuits - 240VAC (1) 20 amp with handle tie
(1) 30 amp with handle tie
Generator Connection hard wire internally
Generator Load Watt Meters Yes
Enclosure Type indoor surface mounted
Convenience Receptacle No
UL Listing UL1008
UL Short Circuit Withstand Rating 5,000 amps
Dimensions 12" W x 13" H x 4.6" D

Electronic Meter (no longer available)
(for environments exceeding 104F order the analog meter option using drop-down menu)

Electrical Ratings (3 models)  7.5kW, 30 amps, 125/250Vac (EM7501)
Ambient Temperature Range 0C to 40C (32F to 104F)
Max Humidity 80% RH below 31C (88F)
50% RH above 31C (88F)
Max Altitude 2000 meters (6,500 feet)
Transient Overvoltage Limits category II


Each circuit provided with non-defeatable (break-before-make) double throw switch protected with a resettable circuit breaker.  Dual electronic watt meters provided for balancing generator load.  The 1 x 18 inch flexible conduit is pre-wired for easy connection to existing residential load center panel.  Installs in less than an hour, without pulling the electric meter or installing a sub-panel.  Suitable only for circuits protected with up to 30 amp breakers or fuses.  UL listed and CSA certified.  Exclusive Pro/Tran Reliance Controls 24 month warranty.  Made in USA  


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