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TCA Outdoor

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Manual Transfer Switch
Outdoor version
(consists of 2 breakers with handle interlock)

Economical Panel/Link switches.  Supplied with a double pole utility breaker and a double pole generator breaker that are interlocked to prevent both from being closed at the same time.  This eliminates the danger of back feeding to the utility, endangering utility repair crews.  It also prevents utility power from feeding into your generator and causing damage.

Standard features include NEMA 3R outdoor cabinet suitable for surface mounting, knockouts for hard wiring and UL Listing.  Service entrance rated which allows this to be connected directly to your power company meter.  Provided with preinstalled main generator and main utility breaker with feed-thru lugs for connecting your load wiring.  No meters or inlet included.  Order inlet box separately.  The PK series inlet kits will not fit on this enclosure.  Made in USA  

Dimensions H x W x D (inches): 13.25 x 11.37 x 3.94


Specs & Model Numbers

Model No. Utility Breaker Input (amps) Generator Breaker Input (Amps) Max. Generator Input (Watts) Works With Price
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TCA0202DR 20 20 5,000 inlet boxes PB20 PBN20 PR20

gen cords PC2010M PC2020M PC2040M
TCA0402DR 40 20 5,000
TCA1002DR 100 20 5,000
TCA0303DR 30 30 7,500 inlet boxes PB30 PBN30 PR30

gen cords PC3010M PC3020M PC3025M PC3040M
TCA0603DR 60 30 7,500
TCA1003DR 100 30 7,500
TCA1203DR 125 30 7,500
TCA0505DR 50 50 12,500 inlet boxes PB50 PBN50 PR50

gen cords PC5010 PC5025 PC5050
TCA1005DR 100 50 12,500
TCA1205DR 125 50 12,500
TCA0606DR 60 60 15,000 hi cap inlet 300134-1
TCA1006DR 100 60 15,000
TCA1206DR 125 60 15,000
TCA1010DR 100 100 24,000
TCA1210DR 125 100 24,000

NOTE: Other breaker combinations between 20A and 125A are available by special order.